UX design services for leading commerce brands

Crafting the right brand story takes precision and expertise.

What story are you telling for your brand? Under the leadership of a UX Capability Lead, Pivotree’s architecture, development and testing teams unite to create a seamless and optimized customer experience across real-world and digital channels. Our expert web ecommerce design services make a difference!

World-class UX Design Services

Check Out Process Optimization

Global cart abandonment is now at 75.52%. We remove obstacles in your checkout process so customers can simply buy. No carts left behind.

Web Page Performance Optimization

Faster site loading results in higher sales and more repeat customers. Leave it to our design team to turbo-charge your load times.

Mobile and Tablet UX Design

Mobile-first design is table stakes for modern ecommerce enterprises. We ensure your site’s mobile experience is superb.


When customers can navigate your site easily, sales get a boost. We help shoppers find the products they want quickly and easily.

Front-End Design

Our in-house team applies your brand’s vision to a modern interface with a visually stunning, world-class ecommerce website.


We design accessible ecommerce experiences that allow all customers to shop at your site. Click here to learn more about web accessibility.

Advantages of our digital design services

Hand on a tablet showing wireframes, showcasing an ecommerce website design.

Game-changing knowledge to help you compete in eCommerce

At Pivotree, our dedicated UX design team understands the importance of the user interface and experience. We focus on captivating your customers and leading your brand to stay ahead of the ever-shifting expectations of online shoppers.

Boost your brand experience across channels

You want your online customers to feel just as comfortable and satisfied while shopping at your ecommerce store as they do at your brick-and-mortar store, right?

By removing pain points and improving the design, Pivotree delivers the frictionless shopping experience modern customers have come to expect from leading brands.

Hand on a laptop keyboard entering a credit card number into an ecommerce website created using UX design services.
Hand copying a calendar into a notebook, symbolizing the streamlined design thinking consulting process offered by Pivotree.

A Well-Defined Process

When you do something for over 10 years, you get good at it.

We’ve perfected ecommerce website design over the past decade. Our streamlined design thinking consulting process includes input from key stakeholders, goal setting, prioritizing areas of improvement, actual implementation, final review, and more.

The best part? We engage you throughout the entire process, staying accountable and on-schedule.

Reduce development time and costs

No one likes starting over. And when you have to change your design during the development process, it’s a costly undertaking. With Pivotree’s UX Design Services, you begin with a strategically designed plan. Our development team has the tools and experience to deliver your project on-time and on-budget. No do-overs needed.

Cranes against a blank daytime sky, showing how digital design services from Pivotree help you build ecommerce websites.
“They have been absolutely great partners. They have gotten to know our business, and helped us work through any challenges.”
Gail Seanor, Sr. Director, Marketing Technology, TGI Fridays

Our UX Design Tools

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Report — Delivering Frictionless Commerce

Want to know what 3,800 consumers think about frictionless experiences? In this 2021 research study report, we dive into the six dimensions of frictionless commerce and show businesses how they can optimize the digital customer experience.

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