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Experience Strategy Is Your Competitive Advantage

Aligning customer needs with your technology platforms, business practices, employees, suppliers and other important stakeholders.

Our Approach

Transform customer engagement, transform your business.

Pivotree’s Experience Strategy Group creates and manages experience transformation programs to deliver immediate and ongoing results.
Layer 3- group discussion

Friction Dynamics

We start with the friction the stakeholders in your ecosystem are experiencing and how it is impacting their current and future behaviours.

Experience Architecture

We benchmark your capabilities to analyze gaps and prioritize the work which will have the greatest impact on your operational efficiencies and your bottom line.

Implementation Strategy

We’ll then work with you to address the friction, tighten up those gaps and start delivering measurable results.

experience strategy group


Five Keys to Frictionless Commerce

It’s important to understand why consumers demand rapid delivery — and how retailers should respond to stay in the race.

Experience that’s built to delight starts with understanding your customer

Disney is a monumental success story. Why? Because from the very beginning they had an intrinsic understanding of their customer and everything was built from that understanding. 

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