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Gain Control
Over Commerce Complexity

Monitor, analyze, and manage dynamic commerce and supply chain operations with Pivotree Control Tower

Solve Today’s Business Challenges with Data-Driven Insights


73% of consumers shop through multiple channels


SaaS adoption has increased by 32% since 2021

Most eCommerce ecosystems have more than 11 applications


90% of retailers agree a seamless omnichannel experience is key


51% of retailers want to see real-time insights

Enter Pivotree Control Tower, a SaaS-based solution that provides real-time visibility, monitoring, and control over commerce and supply chain operations, processes, and data.

  • Take decisive action with real-time visibility of supply chain operations
  • Gain operational and technical insights at macro and micro levels
  • Achieve greater efficiencies through minimized errors, reduced time to troubleshooting 
  • See orders, fulfillment, returns, exceptions and errors, locations, and sales at-a-glance

Use Control Tower to monitor the health of your business, improve supply chain performance, manage costs and risk, and drive increased customer satisfaction.

Integrated views of commerce, supply chain, and fulfillment powered by your KPIs and metrics

Delivered in real-time through user-friendly dashboards and graphical displays

Designed by and for commerce, data, and supply chain experts

Control the complexity of commerce with strategic insights into your BOPIS/Click & Collect, Marketplace, Warehouse and Order Management operations

Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility

With a centralized view of data and processes in real time you can monitor operations, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and respond quickly to emerging issues. Monitor the movement of goods, track inventory levels, see the status of orders in transit.

Integrated and Connected

Provides a holistic view of relevant information for better decision-making. Control Tower integrates data from multiple sources, including your eCommerce platform, your order management system, and warehouse management system. 

Proactive Alerts

Control Tower highlights exceptions from expected norms and can alert you so you can address issues quickly.

Enhanced Collaboration

Control Tower connects to tools your teams already use such as JIRA, ServiceNow, Slack, Email, and Teams. Control Tower enables proactive alerts and facilitates collaboration among your people to enhance communication and coordination and make decisions quickly.

Cost and Risk Control

Track KPIs, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation so you can enhance efficiency, control costs and reduce risk. A comprehensive and real-time view of operations allows you to  make informed decisions, streamline processes, and improve performance.

From store managers to C-suite executives, everyone can use Control Tower to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Improve consumer experience.

See the orders coming in. 

Understand if you’re meeting fulfillment SLAs.

Control costs.

Monitor and manage trends. 

Determine where you need to focus your efforts for improved results.

Check exceptions, errors, and returns. 

Find and minimize errors. 

Diagnose underlying data problems.

Gain greater operational efficiencies. 

Identify process gaps and issues.

Troubleshoot and resolve negative customer experiences.

Gain strategic insights and business metrics for key commerce, data,
and supply chain processes

Control Tower offers a way for you to take control over the complexity of commerce. It provides the performance insights you need to make quick decisions and take action.

Image of the BOPIS Dashboard

The orders dashboard allows you to monitor the health of your online business and identify gaps that need to be addressed.

Returns management is key to business success. Use this dashboard to understand what is being returned and why, so you can take preventative steps.

The BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store) dashboard allows you to assess that your click and collect operation is running smoothly, both across your organization and at specific stores. Use this dashboard to meet SLAs more effectively and gain insights on where and when you may need to add more staff and extend your hours.

Control Tower is used by clients like Psycho Bunny to monitor the overall health of their order management and fulfilment operations. Read this case study to learn more about Psycho Bunny’s digital transformation.

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