Pivotree™ Control Tower business analytics, monitoring, and alerts

Monitor your systems and operations at a glance.
Get proactive alerts to minimize downtime.

Supply chain risk management and analytics

Pivotree Control Tower delivers application and business analytics, process monitoring, and alerts.

How do you know your systems are performing as expected? Are there bottlenecks or latency issues? Or business processes at risk of violating a Service Level Agreement?

With Pivotree Control Tower, you have the answers at your fingertips — and the data you need to optimize your business.

Pivotree Control Tower lets you monitor all the applications and business processes in your environment. You can configure it to both send alerts and automatically reprocess transactions.

What’s more, in a warehouse environment, Pivotree Control Tower provides workload and labor efficiency monitoring, so you can reallocate labor or identify and fix operational issues earlier.

View current state and health of applications (including on-premise, cloud, and SaaS)

Monitor health of end-to-end business operations (with workload monitoring, labor efficiency, and SLA management)

Capture, analyze, and correct transactional data

Automate issue resolution

Leverage a customizable dashboard and detailed reports

Set up trigger alerts delivered to a variety of third-party applications

Power your supply chain risk management with data

Need better supply chain analytics, process monitoring, and alerts?

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