Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Building Block of Who We Are

We believe that our success is driven by diversity…a diversity of backgrounds, a diversity of ideas and a diversity of people. Varying strengths, ideas, interests and identities lend us a unique perspective; a new way to look at challenges and find opportunities therein.

We dismantle systems that exclude, and rebuild environments that include. We place a premium on inculcating a respectful and inclusive working culture, and creating a great place to work, for everyone.

DEI in Action

At Pivotree, we walk the talk. We work closely with diversity hiring agencies to ensure that diversity and inclusion principles are organically embedded in our company’s DNA.

We also launched the Pivotree Diversity Council – a diversity group comprising team members from varying levels and geographies. As a key driving force behind Pivotree’s DEI initiatives, the group collects diversity and inclusion data from the organization to address DEI issues across the board.


The Pivotree Diversity Council aspires to create an inclusive and equitable workplace culture that embraces diversity of thought, experience, and background, enabling all employees to thrive and live our core values of adapting relentlessly, pursuing value, and standing for good.


The Pivotree Diversity Council aims to advance the company’s efforts to embed DEI into company culture and decision making through education, analysis, and targeted initiatives.

DEI Committee Objectives

Improve Diversity & Representation

  • Track and report on diversity metrics
  • De-bias performance review process
  • Improve diversity in Pivotree public communication
  • Formal mentorship and sponsorship programs for employees

Improve Inclusion

  • Deliver anti-racism, anti-bias and allyship education
  • Execute on DEI Events

Increase Women Representation

  • Increase overall number of women candidates
  • Increase women representation in key roles in targeted teams