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Pivotree Connect

Say hello to seamless enterprise integration and any-to-any connectivity.

Pivotree Connect helps you accelerate enterprise integration with third-party applications.

In today’s connected world, seamless system integration is essential. Yet enterprises still struggle to connect systems with different architecture styles such as microservices and centralized Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) — particularly in highly complex environments.

Enter Pivotree Connect: the API-centric, hybrid enterprise commerce integration platform designed to integrate complex enterprise systems, no matter their architecture. In short, it’s the any-to-any connectivity agile businesses need.

160+ Connectors

Across various categories such as payments, CRM, ERP, social networks, and legacy systems.

Future Ready

Deploy anywhere – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid approach.

Drag-and-Drop Designer

Includes visual data mapping and debugging, plus an intuitive dashboard for comprehensive management and monitoring.

Built on WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Provides one of the fastest integration runtimes in the market — plus accelerators to help you integrate faster to save time and money.

Ready to accelerate your integration?

Say goodbye to integration pain. Schedule a Pivotree Connect demo today or contact us for more information.