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Delivering Frictionless Commerce

A guide to understanding customer expectations and growing brand loyalty


E-commerce adoption has advanced dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first 90 days of the pandemic, we vaulted forward 10 years in digital adoption.

As consumers’ expectations are evolving, brands must deliver a frictionless commerce experience to build brand loyalty and affinity.

In this 2021 research study report, we dive into the six dimensions of frictionless commerce and show businesses how they can optimize the digital customer experience.

Download the report to learn about:

  • What the six dimensions of frictionless commerce are (with examples)
  • How businesses should prioritize the dimensions for greater success
  • What friction looks like to consumers
  • The one metric that is even more important than customer satisfaction when determining future buying behavior
  • Three key barriers to success businesses face in 2021 (and what’s required to overcome them)