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Data Governance

The Heart of Customer Insights and Better Decisions

Builds a strong foundation for AI
Enhances accessibility, availability, and security
Creates an empowering data culture

Strengthen the value of data

Managing large volumes of data has emerged as the leading challenge for businesses worldwide due to increased complexity and costs. Without the right framework of policies, procedures and controls to manage and protect vital data assets businesses face multiple challenges including poor data quality, impaired decision-making, compliance issues, and subpar customer experience.

Projected data governance market size by 2030 (billions USD)
Data-driven organizations provide EBITDA increases of up to 25%.

Source: McKinsey

The percentage of companies that lack data governance leading to financial and legal repercussions

Source: Gartner

The percentage of companies that have comprehensive data governance programs in place.
Source: Gartner

Data governance can provide a more flexible, scalable, and effective approach to managing data in today’s complex digital landscape.

Prepare your AI foundation

The rapid adoption of AI and ML systems to drive innovation and better decisions makes the integrity and management of the underlying data critical.

Improve your bottom line

Data governance allows you to derive the insights you need to make decisions that positively impact your customers and your bottom line.

Empower your people

Provide your employees with the necessary tools, resources, and guidelines to effectively leverage data in their roles, driving efficiency and collaboration across the organization.

Better data management, smarter decisions and increased productivity

Data governance ensures your data is clean, complete, concise, and correct so you can reap all the benefits that data modernization and AI  promise – increased efficiency, smarter decision making, and faster time-to-market.

✓ Greater data quality: Accurate, consistent, up-to-date data that is easy to onboard, find, maintain, and leverage

✓ Smarter decisions: A data-first approach to strategy and business decisions

✓ Robust compliance: Transparent, easy-to-use governance practices that streamline compliance at the enterprise level

✓ Increased efficiency: Reduced redundancy and manual intervention leading to higher productivity and output

✓ Seamless collaboration: Collaborative data ecosystems free from silos and compartmentalized data

✓ Fortified security and privacy: Impenetrable data security mechanisms to safeguard organizational and customer data

Get started with data management expertise from Pivotree

With domain expertise and extensive experience managing complex data ecosystems, Pivotree is the right partner to help you define a strategy to reach your expected ROI and an implementation plan that gets you there quickly and cost effectively.

“Five years ago we would never have discussed data in the boardroom. Now it’s a KPI we measure consistently.”

– Reid Garrett
Vice President, Merchandising and Product Management, TruckPro
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Unlock the power of data governance

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