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Shake Off the
Status Quo

Is it time for you to find a new system integrator?

Poor communication
Out-of-sync goals
Lack of trust
Stunted growth

Do any of these red flags show up for you?

  • Scope creep
  • Inadequate documentation
  • Inefficient workflow
  • Security issues
  • Scaling limitations
  • Technological incompetence
  • Unaddressed bugs
  • Incompatible technologies
  • Poor training
  • Legal and compliance vulnerabilities
  • Lack of communication

A system integrator health check gets to the root of your concerns

Assess where you stand
Get performance metrics and insights on areas of improvement to address growth aspirations and customer expectations.

Eliminate redundancies and drive ROI
Get rid of unused integrations to cut costs, streamline operations, and leverage systems that improve return on investment. 

Align technology with scalability
Target integrations and advancements that help you handle increased traffic, orders, and data while improving customer experiences.

Map your future path
Understand how your current technologies perform against the evolving eCommerce landscape; evaluate the need for new technologies and updates, and be future-ready.

Here’s what your SI health check covers


Define scope
and objectives

✓ Outline objectives
✓ Delineate priorities
✓ Define scope
✓ Identify systems, projects, processes
✓ Establish quantifiable metrics


Discover and gather information

✓ Engage stakeholders 
✓ Gather insights into current state and future vision
✓ Review documentation and data
✓ Assess project alignment


Assess performance and compliance

✓ Outline key performance areas
✓ Evaluate performance against KPIs
✓ Identify compliance requirements
✓ Assess compliance


Identify gaps and make recommendations

✓ Identify gaps and areas of improvement
✓ Analyze root causes
✓ Develop a list of recommendations
✓ Create an executive summary with a roadmap for the way forward

Ready for your SI health check?
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