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360° of Omnichannel Commerce

Continual advancements in consumer technology, combined with dramatic shifts in customer behaviour to shop more and more online have put extreme pressure on businesses to change or die.  Customers now have much more intricate shopping behaviours – B2B buyers have expectations that mirror their B2C shopping habits, and B2C shoppers expect personalization, a modern UI, advanced recommendations, and ease of purchase that remove friction from every step in the buying journey. If your competitor offers a better customer experience, it’s easy for customers to make the switch.

That’s why we’ve created this visual guide for what goes into an omnichannel customer experience. It’s a technology-agnostic view of the different touchpoints customers can use to interact with or purchase from your brand, as well as the back-end technology that supports these systems. The decision of what technology to use in your commerce system can add or subtract friction and help your customers convert. If you’re interested in getting recommendations on the right technology for your industry, goals, and current technology stack, please get in touch: