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Cloud data integration services that keep data flowing

Pivotree offers cloud data integration services for growing agile businesses.

Data connectors – without the technical debt

Relying on custom, point-to-point integration is risky business. Connections are often hard-coded and brittle, adding to your technical debt. What happens when requirements change and applications phase out? The result is a data architecture that cannot adapt.

Instead, Pivotree provides an agile approach — delivering cloud-native integration platforms that are application neutral and support rapid connectivity with little to no coding. Updated connectors are readily available, which means your business can evolve without adding to your technical debt.

Flexible data integration services

Pivotree offers two flexible options, both built to ensure the continuous flow of critical data to support your eCommerce, supply chain, and MDM requirements.

We’ll help you find the right approach, reduce time-to-value, and keep your systems covered with 24×7 performance monitoring and response.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Pivotree Integration (TBC) provides data and systems integration utilizing iPaaS capability, enabling robust any-system-to-any-system data integration.

Pivotree Connect

For lighter-weight data integration requirements, Pivotree Connect is a perfect choice. As an API-centric, hybrid enterprise commerce platform, Connect helps you integrate complex enterprise systems, no matter the architecture.

Our data integration service results by the numbers


Industries served

Specialists onboard


Revenue hike in top-selling categories

Programs completed


Faster time to market for product information


Growth in traffic on product pages

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