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Is Dirty Product Data Hurting Your Business?

The downstream impact of dirty product data can lead to lost sales opportunities, poor search and findability, excessive product returns, and an overall negative customer experience.

Find out if you have a data quality problem.

As a distributor, retailer or manufacturer, you may be onboarding hundreds of thousands of products from multiple suppliers and sources every day. This information comes in many forms – from PDFs to spreadsheets – and with the amount of manual labor involved, the opportunity for errors is high.

The result is  ‘dirty data’ – product data that is incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate. The downstream impact of dirty product data can lead to shopping cart abandonment, increased product returns, and an overall negative customer experience. 

If your customer is looking for a purple hoodie will they find your  ‘aubergine’ or ‘lilac’ one? If the size of the nail says ‘9’ does that mean 9 inches or centimeters?  What is the Maximum Operating Pressure for that valve – 300 psi,  psig, or kPa? Cleaning and enriching your data is essential to avoid information gaps and errors.

Charts showing how SKU Build can find inconsistencies

Pivotree provides the tools, processes, and support to reduce onboarding time by 60%, reduce your manual labor and other associated costs by 75%, and improve your data quality and completeness for better search results and increased conversions.

Improvement Starts with a Complimentary Data Assessment

The Data Assessment is conducted by our taxonomist team and may include exporting an excel spreadsheet of your product data and/or a website review. Both are simple yet effective ways to understand where you may need to make improvements. The assessment can take up to two weeks and once completed, will result in a list of recommendations which you can choose to move forward with or not.


Assess the quality, and completeness of your product data and score it against industry best practices



Identify the root causes of your data gaps and inconsistencies


Provide a concrete list of recommendations to improve your product data

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