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Data as a Service (DaaS)

Accelerate your business with turnkey end-to-end data management

Are you buying enough of the right inventory?

Do you know which products are selling, which aren’t, and why?

Are you able to scale quickly to keep up with market demand?

Are returns eating into your profits?

If you can relate to these problems and concerns, you’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are plagued by siloed systems, incomplete or duplicated data, and a complete lack of insights to connect that data to their business and their customers.

You may think the latest ERP or CRM is the answer.

We don’t.

Elevate your omnichannel commerce with Data as a Service









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Data as a Service puts omnichannel data to work for you

DaaS is built on a flexible Pivotree™ data fabric with integrated API microservices that make it easy to put your data to work without the need for another new system or platform. DaaS is offered as a turnkey managed service that is completely composable to ensure speed-to-market, scalability and access to business insights. We do it all for you. From product acquisition — knowing what to buy and sell — to quickly classifying, enriching and optimizing your product descriptions, and ensuring sales channel readiness, this data-as-a-service offering allows your data to work for you. It truly is Data. At Your Service.

The DaaS Advantage

Fuels your omnichannel commerce engine

DaaS accelerates product onboarding from weeks to days, reduces SKU onboarding costs by 75%* and ensures enterprise data stewardship governance across the board. A Pivotree Analysis based on a large industrial supply enterprise showed the reduction in the cost of acquiring and onboarding 350k product SKUs will decrease 75% – from $50 to $13 – and the time it takes to classify, curate and enrich the SKU data will take 6 weeks instead of 16 with DaaS capabilities.

Boosts Your Supply Chain

With clean, curated, and enriched data, DaaS helps to improve revenues and minimize returns as well as enhance customer experience and loyalty

Drives Insights Through Interoperability

DaaS integrates your systems and your data for actionable insights with Pivotree Connect, an API-centric, hybrid enterprise commerce platform designed to integrate complex enterprise systems, and Pivotree Control Tower which enables monitoring your systems and operations with detailed visualization capabilities.

Powers Efficiencies and Speed-to-Market

Through the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powers of Pivotree DIVE, DaaS automates manual processes to gain efficiencies, lowering costs and shedding weeks from getting your product data ready for digital channel syndication.

DaaS Resources

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Tablet graphic with DaaS product overview sheet on the display

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