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Pivotree Announces DIVE for MDM, the New Machine Learning Tool for MDM Platforms

Sep 27, 2019

Pivotree Announces DIVE for MDM, the New Machine Learning Tool for MDM Platforms

Integrated with the EnterWorks MDM platform via their Agile Data Fabric™, DIVE for MDM tool adds efficiency and intelligence for seamless user experience and clearer data profiles.

DIVE for MDM was developed to help organizations increase product speed-to-market, improve overall employee satisfaction, optimize the vendor experience, and drive increased revenue. DIVE’s algorithm is built on a basis of continuous data analysis that uses existing information to further automate manual data processes.

“Having implemented over 30 MDM customers, learning about their day-to-day pain points and challenges, Pivotree quickly realized the need for an automation piece,” said Greg Wong, Chief of Revenue at Pivotree. “We first introduced this concept at the EnterWorks Engage User Conference and received an overwhelming amount of interest from customers of all sizes and from different industries. We found that companies were extremely interested in the concept of Machine Learning but could not fully visualize the actual application of it to their day-to-day operations. Now, we’ve onboarded actual clients with the initial release of the solution, and it’s been an interesting and productive journey of bringing DIVE for MDM to the market.”

“The EnterWorks Engage Summit has become a launching point for innovative technology and exciting partnership developments, applying new ways to deploy leading edge technologies in the context of the MDM marketplace,” said Rick Chavie, GM of EnterWorks. “We are pleased with our sustained partnership with Pivotree, a diverse services provider bringing innovations to operations and insights – and now an approach to harvest the benefits of their machine learning DIVE tool as connected to our MDM platform through our Agile Data Fabric™.”

With DIVE for MDM, product managers can automatically map unstructured data, classify products, and normalize their data. This allows companies to save time, get products to market faster, and extend their product assortment – taking them from thousands of SKUs to millions of SKU’s for a true endless aisle opportunity. All these benefits contribute to overall bottom-line savings and the ability to optimize their revenue.

Furthermore, Enable PIM customers with DIVE functionality will be able to automate certain tasks without ever leaving the platform. The tool also gives them a useful overview of their model summary and data profile right from the same dashboard.

Patrick Huang, Director of Solutions Architecture at Pivotree, points out that product automation also improves employee job satisfaction, and can enhance the vendor/merchant relationship, stating, “In our testing, we’ve observed that employees can reallocate their time to more creative and strategic tasks, which makes them more motivated and engaged in their jobs. Vendors also find it much easier to work with a merchant that can automatically map their data into their MDM system.”

The introduction of DIVE for MDM follows a number of Pivotree advancements in the MDM space. In addition to developing new solutions, Pivotree has expanded their MDM team by bringing on proven experts with years of MDM experience. Recent additions include Derek Corrick, who joined as a General Manager of the MDM practice, and Joshua Hudson who joined as a Director of MDM Processional Services. Pivotree has a strong MDM roadmap in place, including working closely with their MDM clients to deliver solutions that solve their challenges and help them deliver a great experience for their clients.

The DIVE platform was introduced in 2018 of year and has significant potential across a variety of applications. According to Peter Lui-Hing, Chief of Innovation at Pivotree, “DIVE for MDM is just the first service of the platform that our innovation team is working on. Machine Learning is a pivotal capability that can be applied to all areas of the commerce world. We are excited to tap into that area and develop solutions with the potential to change a variety of digital experiences.”

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