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“I did a happy dance when I discovered the staggered fitment feature.”

Reid Garrett | Vice President, Merchandising and Product Management, TruckPro

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“It makes quoting the customer extremely easy.”

Worgan’s Tire and Auto Service

A Tough Road Ahead for the Heavy Duty Industry

Customer demand is growing and how we buy and sell parts is constantly changing to meet increased demand. Managing fitment and product data is complex. Having accurate robust product data is critical to your success.

Sell the Right Part, at the Right Place, Right Now

It’s time to tap into the digital expertise and innovative productivity tools from Pivotree to turbocharge your business. We’ll help you navigate the complex world of heavy-duty components, steering you toward greater efficiency and smooth operations. Let’s put your business in the fast lane!

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Harness data insights to optimize aftermarket parts performance

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Use predictive analytics to foresee maintenance needs

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Optimize inventory management, ensuring you stock the rights parts at the right time

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Delight your customers with data-driven personalization and support

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Is Bad Product Data Hurting Your Business?

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Going Digital in the Automotive and Heavy Duty Aftermarket
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