Accelerate your Headless CMS/Commerce Implementation

Our Headless Acceleration Framework is cloud-native and platform agnostic, with rich, out-of-the-box functionality.
Pivotree’s Headless CMS and Commerce solutions are built around the Headless Accelerator Framework developed by our Professional Services team. The framework allows companies to start leveraging headless architecture faster (when compared to connecting the front-end directly to the back-end systems) while also significantly reducing front-end development and back-end integration costs. The Framework is platform-agnostic, reducing your business’ dependency on any commerce technology, so it’s easy to build microservices or re-platform going forward.

Headless Accelerator Framework Features

The Headless Accelerator Framework acts as a communication layer between your front-end applications and back-end systems. It comes with Oracle Commerce / ATG integration API and many out-of-the-box features.

Inherent Session Management

The framework comes with a consistent set of APIs for the front-end, plus session management.

Inherent Caching

The framework offers inherent caching functionality for improved performance.

SEO & UX Functionality

The framework minimizes the complexity of the front-end application and provides SEO and UX benefits.


The framework is a lightweight, cloud-native application deployed in docker containers so that it can be auto-scaled to handle peak loads.


The framework is divided into modules, making parallel development easy and increasing your team’s productivity.

Older Version Support

No need to upgrade to 11.3 – the framework works with older versions of Oracle Commerce / ATG.

Commerce Platform-Agnostic

The framework allows companies to re-architect the Commerce solution itself – breaking apart the monolithic application into a collection of microservices, or re-platform with minimum risk and time.

Built-In Debugging Functionality

Development work becomes streamlined with out-of-the-box debugging functionality.

Live Page Updates

Make changes to individual elements and content without reloading the entire page to speed up the change management and development process.

Up to 70% reduction in the utilization of Oracle Commerce

Headless CMS

One of the primary use cases for a Headless Architecture is the incorporation of Headless CMS to help the business manage the content that accompanies a Commerce site. With our Headless Accelerator Framework, it’s easy to plug your CMS into the back-end to deliver a seamless, unified experience to the shopper.
Faster content publication and development.

Less reliance on BCC for content management.

Published content is available to any application via API.

Reduced traffic to the commerce application – resulting in lower costs.

Better site performance by leveraging lightweight presentation layer on the server side.

The content of the ENTIRE SITE can be updated daily.

Headless Commerce

Individual Commerce APIs can be added to enable connection to multiple eCommerce applications, and multiple versions of ATG. The framework comes with the Oracle Commerce / ATG API Connector, but can also be customized to connect to any other ecommerce platform or microservice, since the front-end is not tied to business logic or specific back-end libraries. This provides flexibility to re-platform or build your own API-first commerce solution down the road.

Improved Business Agility

Your front-end developers can update the site as often as they need to, without complex and time-consuming deployment of the entire Commerce application.

Reduced Development Costs

With a lightweight JavaScript/HTML/CSS application, your front-end developers no long require Oracle Commerce / ATG expertise. Front-end changes can be made quickly, and at a lower cost, than modification of the monolithic Oracle Commerce application.

Faster Development and Change Management

Making changes to the framework takes less than 2 hours. Plus, modularization makes parallel development easy.

Some of the largest brands are leveraging headless architecture to evolve their legacy Oracle Commerce / ATG solution to support strategic business objectives and maximize ROI in the platform. Are you ready to reduce your dependency on a single commerce technology while extending your prior investment? Our Headless CMS and Commerce solutions can help.

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