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eCommerce, PIM, and MDM Platform Implementation

Big data projects are a big deal. Make sure your eCommerce, Product Information Management or Master Data Management implementation is architected for success.

If you’re initiating a PIM, MDM, or eCommerce project, you know it’s a mission-critical investment. Pivotree implementations are tightly engineered to deliver significant and long-lasting ROI.

Robust Platform Development Phases

Environment, Infrastructure, and Network Setup

We have expertise in on-premise, cloud, or partner-managed cloud solutions.

Configuration of relevant Platform modules

Based on your business needs, modules can be customized to fulfill different objectives and provide more utility for your business.

Integration, Performance and Load Testing

We mimic real traffic on your website and produce insights into your systems’ performance. This testing helps determine how many users your solution can handle and what needs further tuning.

Back-end Integration

Pivotree specializes in both, custom integrations for your unique needs, and accelerator packages if you just want best-in-class options fast.

Reporting Configuration

How do you need to view your data to make informed decisions? We’ll help you set up reporting based on your preferences from the beginning.


Based on your need for longevity, agility, or utilization, we’ll architect your commerce, PIM, or MDM platform to optimize your unique use-case.

Admin Tools Configuration

Using an eCommerce, PIM, or MDM system is much easier when your tools have been configured using best practices for better usability and functionality. We know the best practices for B2C and B2B businesses and will apply those to your system.

Data Migration

For clients who need to replatform, or have data from legacy systems to be imported to their new commerce, PIM or MDM platform, we have secure and reliable methods of migrating product, customer, vendor and location data.

Customization and Business Logic

Pivotree customizes your commerce, PIM, or MDM platform back-end with code that will allow you to manage data easily.

Data Upload

Data upload is a lengthy and taxing process. Allow our team to significantly cut down on time for your project by allowing us to configure the upload of your data. We also offer AI-based data upload services.


With over 20 years of experience deploying enterprise-grade eCommerce projects in complex environments, you can trust Pivotree to pave the way for success for your most important deployments.

Mobile Development

Mobile-first development has become a dominant requirement for many B2C and B2B companies. For eCommerce sites, we can develop your experience to be optimized for mobile.

QA and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our QA Specialists understand user expectations for front-end and back-end functions and how to test your eCommerce, PIM, or MDM platform.

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