eCommerce Application Support Services

Designed with expertise in leading Commerce and MDM technologies and environments, our solutions help you thrive.
System downtime is detrimental to your business – even a minute can cost you millions. Not on our watch. Pivotree will proactively manage your environment with application, operations, support, maintenance, and enhancement support. Our guarantee? Reliable services that are defined, measurable, and cost-effective.

Fully Managed Application Services for Turnkey Solutions

Basic Configuration Management

Scale your development team with Pivotree’s set of processes and policies that keep your development process organized and your source code complete at all times.

Workflow Design and Improvement

Workflow processes are designed to incorporate the most effective ways of completing business tasks. Pivotree will evaluate your current practices and determine how you can improve or standardize them in order to be most efficient.


User Interface Adjustments

Give your users the best working experience you can by setting up the user interface to meet their needs. Pivotree will modify your organization’s user interface by enabling or disabling certain settings and providing a streamlined experience for each user.

Performance Monitoring

As a critical component of your business, applications need 100% uptime. Pivotree will monitor the performance of your code, application dependencies, and transaction times to ensure optimal user experiences.

Integration Support

Commerce systems are highly intricate and require countless integrations with other platforms in order to operate successfully. Pivotree will manage your existing and new integrations no matter how complex they are.

Code Deployment

Your business is constantly changing and so should your technology. Let Pivotree handle the complexity of updating your application by rapidly releasing new features and avoiding downtime.

Ensuring Stability, Speed, Security and Scalability of Your Application

99.9% Guaranteed Application Uptime

Ensuring your application is operating at all times is critical for your business. An organization can lose millions of dollars if their system experiences a downtime for even a minute (especially when it comes to Commerce platforms!). Pivotree application specialists will work with you to provide capacity planning and on-going performance reviews, therefore preventing any potential outages.

Optimal Application Performance

User experience is everything. That’s why application speed matters – a lot. Our team has years of experience fine-tuning and optimizing applications to ensure speed, and help you optimize efficiency, cost, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.

Bulletproof Security for Your Peace of Mind

Data protection has been a top-of-mind for all B2C and B2B organizations. Latest legislations like GDPR are making it especially important for businesses to protect their customers’ data. Our robust security team deploys the latest tools and technologies to protect your company from any web attacks and therefore avoid any potential lawsuits.

Load Scalability For Year-Round Events

While your website traffic may fluctuate during special events and holidays, your performance doesn’t have to. Pivotree’s Scalability Services are designed to ensure optimal performance and site availability when seasonal traffic surges. Our team will analyze your requirements, add capacity, test, and tune the scaled environment before every planned occasion.

“We were really impressed by the knowledge level of the Pivotree team. It was very clear to us that we were going to get a whole different level of service from them, and it really felt like they were going to really just be an extension of our team. It’s also critical that we can manage changes and improvements to the site as quickly as necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing e-commerce industry. No other provider gave us the same level of comfort.”
Kevin Ertell, Senior VP of Digital at Sur La Table

Application Portfolio

B2C and B2B companies around the world rely on us to deliver and optimize successful Commerce and MDM applications. Pivotree’s extensive experience includes full Application Support for the following leading platforms:
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Magento Platforms logo
Oracle Commerce Logo
Informatica Logo
Stibo Systems Master Data Management
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