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Emarsys Services by Pivotree for Omnichannel Marketing

The future of your business is in customers’ experiences. With Emarsys services from Pivotree, you’ll deliver omnichannel marketing and personalized engagement from a single integrated solution with help from our expertise.

If your market is crowded, it can be hard to stand out and deliver outstanding customer experiences. Customers crave the freedom to engage with any business, at any time, on any channel or device. Each interaction should be a follow-up on a previous touchpoint, not a brand new engagement.

Your business needs to be able to meet customers wherever they are, consistently across channels, which will build a resonating connection between customers and your brand. This is how you use omnichannel marketing to drive repeat visits and purchases across brick-and-mortar stores, your mobile app, and your website.

Customers also know their data is valuable, and are entitled to have their privacy respected – your business needs to EARN the privilege to use their data.

Here’s the good news – with Emarsys services from Pivotree, you can deliver the level of 1:1 personalized experiences that are no longer reserved for high-end in-store engagements: intelligent enterprise is here to make customer experiences personal, trusted, and connected. We’ll help you meet customer expectations at the exact moment they want to engage.

Omnichannel marketing through Emarsys will enable your organization to understand what a good customer experience means.

In 2020, expectations for customer experiences across every touchpoint grew immensely – with 65% trying new shopping behaviors during Covid-19, who also “express a high intent to continue with these behaviors going forward” (McKinsey & Company, Customer Pulse Survey September 2020). Our own research indicates 40% of consumers tried new brands or made new purchases with a retailer during the shutdown. This means you probably have new touchpoints that your current marketing system is not equipped to handle, and with which your own team hasn’t built the right omnichannel marketing strategies yet.

So, what do you stand to gain by using Emarsys services from Pivotree?

Customer and Product Insights

Deepen your understanding of your customers and increase their lifetime value. Emarsys unifies and scores customer engagement data to deepen your understanding, which you can leverage in omnichannel marketing campaigns, and use for reporting on revenue impact. Seize your next best growth opportunities today.

Accelerate Delivery

Emarsys is built for marketers who want to accelerate time-to-value, integrating core capabilities for executing marketing and transactional campaigns. You will be able to automate lifecycle and real-time omnichannel marketing programs, consistently personalize website and engagements, intelligently recommend products, and manage loyalty programs and communications.

Engage Anywhere

Integrate your owned channels natively in Emarsys to transform them into highly personalized communication tools, including email, SMS, in-app messaging, website, web push, direct mail, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. Pivotree can help you extend the reach of engagements through Emarsys APIs to and connect to any other channels, such as clienteling solutions, mobile point-of-sale, and e-receipts.

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