Pivotree Joins MACH Alliance to Drive Innovation and Interoperability in Digital Commerce Ecosystems

Mar 1, 2022

Pivotree joins a group of independent, future-thinking tech companies that advocate for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems


TORONTO, March 1, 2022 – Pivotree Inc. (TSXV: PVT) (“Pivotree” or the “Company”), a leading provider of frictionless commerce solutions, announced today it has joined the MACH Alliance as an advocate for more open technology ecosystems, helping global brands leverage the speed and flexibility that headless and composable commerce solutions provide.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Pivotree to the MACH Alliance family,” said Sonja Keerl, MACH Alliance President. “Pivotree is one of the leading digital commerce organizations in the industry, providing solutions to brands around the globe while advocating for open technology systems that ensure their clients have the best solutions year-round.”

The MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) Alliance is a group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. Pivotree joins the non-profit co-operation of technology companies alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including partners such as VTEX and Fluent Commerce.

“We’re honored to join the MACH Alliance with our partners at VTEX and Fluent Commerce to take part in futureproofing our industry,” said James Ubarti, GM of Pivotree eCommerce. “Having our business certified by the MACH Alliance reaffirms our focus on providing the most innovative and flexible enterprise technologies available to our customers. Our ability to offer end-to-end solutions to manage digital commerce platforms plays a pivotal role in delivering strategic plans and enabling our customers to frictionlessly manage their ecosystem.”

Pivotree’s commerce solutions are built upon the MACH principles, which allow sellers to remove friction from their overall customer journeys through pluggable and replaceable solutions that can swap out elements as more modern ones become available – making it easier and faster for shoppers and buyers to conduct business. Pivotree also provides ongoing support for open and flexible architecture, which lets clients make those gradual improvements without having to completely re-platform.

“We are thrilled to see Pivotree certified by the MACH Alliance,” said Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer and U.S. General Manager at VTEX. “The MACH architectural approach is the best way to give innovative merchants the speed and flexibility they need to keep up with rapidly changing markets, emerging sales channels, and growing customer expectations. We are always excited to be working alongside our partners at Pivotree, creating best-in-class customer experiences.”

“Congratulations to our partners at Pivotree on joining the MACH Alliance,” said Chad Hooker, VP, Global Channel & Alliances at Fluent Commerce. “MACH gives companies the ability to solve key business objectives with best of breed offerings, like us, to create a purpose-built technology ecosystem. They can do so with the confidence of knowing that each provider meets the MACH standard.”

To learn more about Pivotree and how it supports major retail and branded manufacturers globally, visit http://www.www.pivotree.com.


About Pivotree
Pivotree, a leader in frictionless commerce, designs, integrates and manages digital platforms in eCommerce, Data Management, and Supply Chain for over 250 major retailers and branded manufacturers globally. Pivotree provides a combination of application support and managed hosting with digital strategy and software implementation services. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices and customers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, Pivotree is widely recognized as a high-growth company and industry leader. For more information, visit www.www.pivotree.com.

About the MACH Alliance
The MACH Alliance is a [501(c)(6)] non-profit organization governed by an independent board and does not endorse specific vendors, members, or otherwise. In June 2020, the Alliance was formed to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape. It aims to guide and show the business advantage of open tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless. All MACH Alliance members meet certification principles that are published on the website.

Founding members include commercetools, Contentstack, EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM), and Valtech. The MACH Alliance welcomes technology companies and individual industry experts who share the same vision for the future. Learn more at machalliance.org, read here about MACH certification and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About VTEX
VTEX (NYSE: VTEX) provides a software-as-a-service digital commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers. Our platform enables customers to execute their commerce strategy, including building online stores (eCommerce), integrating, managing orders across different channels, and creating marketplaces to sell products from third-party vendors. Founded in Brazil, VTEX has been a leader in accelerating the digital commerce transformation in Latin America and is expanding globally. Our platform is engineered to enterprise-level standards and features. We are trusted by more than 2,400 customers, who rely on VTEX to connect with their consumers in a meaningful way through 3,200 active online stores in 38 countries (as of the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2021).

About Fluent Commerce
Fluent Commerce is a global software company focused on distributed order management for omnichannel retail. Fluent Order Management is a cloud-native, fully managed, and highly flexible platform. It includes the essential components for unified, headless commerce: Distributed order management, in-store pick and pack, inventory and location management, customer service, fulfillment optimization and reporting. This enables retailers and brands to enhance all their customer touchpoints while increasing their profit on every order.

Fluent Commerce works with global and regional brands such as JD Sports, L’Oréal, GrandVision, Aldo, Ted Baker and Marks & Spencer. For more information, visit fluentcommerce.com

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