Driving Relentless Adaptation: Pivotree Joins the MACH Alliance


How companies are doing business is changing, and they need the power of flexible, innovative technologies to fuel this transition. With the focus shifting towards acquiring a state of being “future proof”, enterprise suites with long-term lock-ins just don’t cut it. Not only do companies limit themselves to being locked in with limited capabilities and reliance on pending updates, but they also sell their customers short – the same customers whose expectations drive disruption at MACH speed. In other words, hinging one’s growth ambitions on monolithic legacy systems is no longer a viable option.


Powering a Tectonic Shift in Enterprise Technology Adoption

It comes as no surprise that an increasing number of companies are now looking for a paradigm shift; one that breaks overreliance on legacy software ecosystems, and leverages an agile approach to maximize opportunities being created by this evolving ecosystem. The MACH Alliance is a response to this shift in enterprise technology, embracing Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless technologies in the pursuit to enhance the digital experience.


Hence, Pivotree’s association with the MACH Alliance. The core tenet of Pivotree’s vision to enable frictionless commerce is, and always has been, relentless adaptation. And this has translated into adoption of not just innovative technology, but also forward-looking, proactive business models. By joining hands with the MACH Alliance, Pivotree aims to consolidate its commitment to providing “Future proof enterprise technology and propelling current and future digital experiences”.

Chiming in on this point, Joel Farquhar (VP, Architecture at Pivotree) added “Over the years we have seen our largest customers evolve and look to decompose their legacy monolithic commerce platforms to be more agile and adopt best of breed solutions. Joining the MACH Alliance is our way of not only showing we can support customers on their journey but that we are also well-positioned to help lead them towards future-proofing their enterprise commerce solution.”


The ’Headless’ Revolution – Powered by the MACH Approach

Dig a little deep into how this need for ‘headless’ commerce and technology came about, and one finds the consumer at the heart of it all. In a classic “chicken or egg” scenario, it’s hard to tell if the technology drove the expectations or the other way around. Either way, one thing is certain; customers expect seamless omnichannel shopping experiences – something that legacy systems are not capable of keeping up with. The challenge is not just about the technology, but also extends to cost and implementation time. 


Headless commerce driven by MACH, on the other hand, enables companies to adapt to rapidly shifting expectations by decoupling front- and back-end layers. Then again, this model allows businesses to stay agile and nimble, capable of adapting to the next big shift; to stay future-proof. With the help of MACH, companies can create personalized customer experiences, stay flexible and accelerate adoption and rollouts with ease.


Pivotree at MACH Speed

This commitment towards relentless adaption is the common thread that runs between Pivotree and The MACH Alliance. Now a certified MACH Alliance member, Pivotree continues to deliver on the MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless technologies) promise, hence underscoring its commitment towards frictionless commerce driven by relentless adaption.