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In 2012, Amazon launched and Google followed with the Google Shopping for Suppliers (now Google Shopping) e-commerce site to address the way modern B2B buyers purchased products.

However, the success of an e-commerce website is completely dependent on the quality of the product content. A product Master Data Management (MDM) strategy includes centralized, normalized, optimized, and enriched product content that is easy to find, intuitive and descriptive in order to enable the buyer to quickly make a purchasing decision.


This educational webcast discusses:

> How companies that successfully complete product MDM initiatives are achieving a significant competitive advantage over their peers.
> How MDM initiatives can drive a global customer experience that helps companies compete with the AmazonSupplys and best target the habits of millennial buyers.
> Common mistakes for product content management, often traced back to a “technology-first” approach versus a “product content-first” strategy.