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In the last couple of years, the realm of PIM has undergone a transformation of sorts. Today, the realization has set in that manufacturers can no longer rely on basic product specifications, features, and functions to deliver a great customer experience. They have to do a lot more to enable the unique experiences for customers that will make their digital strategy a success. Manufacturers and distributors alike are constantly driving efforts to unearth value from an ever-increasing volume of information and build an accurate and synchronized view of product information.

In such an environment, PIM solutions abound. Each has its own values and niche to cater to.  EnterWorks is one such PIM solution that aggregates and manages product content, allowing you to build a data model that meets the specific needs of your business. This post is about the value of the EnterWorks PIM solution and where it’s making an impact.

What EnterWorks brings to the table

Given how spread out product data is, across multiple business systems, distributors, and retailers, as well as supply chain networks, EnterWorks offers a comprehensive PIM solution that enables organizations to collect, cleanse, synchronize, and present accurate and relevant product data.

By using a business-driven approach to design a PIM solution that perfectly meets your requirement, EnterWorks customizes and adapts content in the way your customers expect. And because it integrates seamlessly with modern e-commerce platforms, back-end systems, and tools, it ensures you always have a birds-eye view of all the relevant data – at any given point in time.

It is no surprise then, that EnterWorks has been named a leader in PIM solutions by Forrester.

Here are some compelling reasons why EnterWorks delivers the PIM impact:

  • Modern: With the manufacturing ecosystem getting more and more complex, having a single view of content across suppliers, partners, customers, and distributors has become a business imperative. EnterWorks allows you to deploy a set of modern workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data and content integration. Using EnterWorks, you can incorporate documents, images, audio, and video files into your content, and associate items through different relationships.

You can create any type of hierarchy, and manage complex multi-level taxonomies with ease. Through integration and import of data from internal and external sources, you can orchestrate complex B2B2C relationships across the content value chain, and make use of modern tools to deliver accurate, consistent, and dynamically-linked product content to multiple platforms that are consistent with the needs of today’s consumers.

Do you know? Musical instruments company Fender uses EnterWorks to unify disparate product content across channels and provide consistent experiences to partners and customers.

  • Open: In a world where customers expect flawless omnichannel experiences, offering consistent and accurate product information across channels has become extremely critical. EnterWorks moves away from the single-dimensional, rigid approach to PIM, and towards a more open and multi-dimensional model that allows you to seamlessly reach marketplaces, mobile touchpoints, and social networks.

Using EnterWorks, you can engage with partners, standardize the process of content updation, and offer content that is curated to your business needs. Because EnterWorks supports multi-lingual, multi-country, and multi-cultural content, you can leverage it to customize the content according to organization unit, language, and country.

  • Easy to use: You already know how complicated PIM can get. But not with EnterWorks! Content creation and management with EnterWorks is extremely simple. You can power content repositories with unlimited data attributes instantly, as well as manage complex relationships between products and categories or hierarchies.

With enhanced searchability across attributes, facets, images, and text, you can keep up with the latest in products, lifecycles, and markets. EnterWorks’ role-based views are tailored according to user levels, so it ensures the data is always in safe hands.

Do you know? Food and kitchen products company US Foods uses EnterWorks to provide accurate and enriched product content across channels while ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • Eliminates the need for tech assistance or support: Most PIM platforms are complex to set up and manage. They need tech experts to build and support the solution. However, with EnterWorks, you can set up and manage the solution more easily. EnterWorks allows you to choose from an array of specific business rules and workflows and implement best practices across multiple data sources, applications, and enterprises – with no coding.

Using EnterWorks, you can enforce data governance measures, manage complex data using drag-and-drop interfaces, and seamlessly collaborate with different users. You can also view the status of products and make the most of dynamic dashboards to carry out proactive information management and intervention.

  • Cost-effective: In a world where managing the massive volume of product information often comes at a steep price, EnterWorks offers a valuable cost advantage. And because the solution is 100% configurable, it allows you to scale the platform as your business grows.

With EnterWorks’ fixed price/fixed time implementations, you can get your PIM solution up and running in as little as 90 days. Pre-defined workflows and business rules mean you can implement the solution easily, without having to code, or without having to invest in expensive integrators or plug-ins.

Offer a seamless omnichannel experience

The importance of PIM in today’s global business environment is acknowledged. A modern PIM solution better equips manufacturers to transform their product information into persuasive and personalized content that can be seamlessly syndicated to distributors.

EnterWorks is one such PIM solution that allows all stakeholders in the value chain to quickly onboard products to a catalog, collaborate with each other, and make consistent and relevant content available – in lesser time. With EnterWorks, you can get a single view of content for businesses, trading partners, and customers across channels, and offer a seamless omnichannel experience.