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Pivotree Fix:

Comprehensive Services for Website Errors & Accessibility

With Pivotree Fix, you can detect and resolve bugs, improve site accessibility, and boost sales with an inclusive Frictionless Commerce experience.

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Fast, tangible results that lead to significant ROI.

Pivotree Fix removes all the guesswork from bug resolution and accessibility remediation. By prioritizing and resolving errors, businesses like yours can potentially see millions in added revenue every year.

Error Detection

After onboarding, your Pivotree Service Delivery team will deploy an error monitoring script on your front-end site to create a replay of each bug occurrence + automate comprehensive web accessibility scanning.


Don’t waste precious time on low-impact errors. Pivotree will prioritize the most pressing bugs and accessibility issues for resolution based on multiple criteria, focusing on revenue impact and compliance risk.


Pivotree will project manage your bug lifecycle and user flow accessibility, relying on our Professional Services professionals to implement, test, and deploy fixes.

Monthly ROI Reporting

Meet with your Pivotree team monthly to see the effect Pivotree’s error resolution and accessibility remediation services have on your revenue and end-user experience.

Available Packages

Pivotree Fix is available in two convenient options.


We detect critical website errors and accessibility issues that hurt your conversions and inclusivity. Leverage these insights to perform your own bug resolution and accessibility remediation.

Package Includes

Error Detection

Real-time detection of website errors and accessibility issues. No code changes required, and no impact on site performance

Issue Prioritization

We apply a data-driven approach to identify priority bugs and accessibility issues

Risk Mitigation

Our experts help you navigate complaints, web accessibility lawsuits, and demand letters, reducing your current and future risks

Project Management

Website error lifecycle is initiated and tracked by our team

Key Metrics

Meet with us monthly to discuss the financial impact of the errors and associated fixes


Ideal for businesses looking to us to help prevent lost sales and retain loyal customers with additional services beyond what is available in Detect

Everything in Detect, plus

Error Resolution

Our specialized team of developers aim to identify, test, and fix up to 4 priority website bugs and up to 15 priority accessibility issues per month

Knowledge Base

Leverage our years of experience with enterprise-class commerce platforms to deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI) and inclusive shopping experience for all

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