Pivotree Evolve:
A comprehensive health check for your OMS.
Reduce the complexity of supply chain evolution.

Compare Sterling OMS versions.
Optimize your Sterling OMS.
Do it all with Pivotree Evolve.

Optimize your OMS and get the most out of your Supply Chain

The process of order fulfillment is critical to a positive customer experience. It involves a complex web of contributing factors including inventory management, order processing, supply chain management…the list goes on. However, when fulfillment fails, all the customer sees is an unfulfilled promise.

And this can usually be traced back to an order management system (OMS) that’s just not up to the mark. One that may be functioning “ok”, but not necessarily translating into an increase in on-time-delivery rate, fill rate or perfect order index.

Want to identify risks in your OMS code/configuration? Curious about the need to update your OMS, and the effort required in doing so? Wondering how complex the implementation stage will look like?

Pivotree Evolve, A First-of-its-Kind Sterling OMS Assessment Tool

Evolve gives clear, actionable results for confident decision-making.
The OMS analysis tool answers these key questions:

Does my OMS have bugs and vulnerabilities?

Is my code quality up to the mark?

Is my code too complex with more possible break points?

How does my current Sterling OMS version compare with others?
Do I need an OMS upgrade?

Letting you know if your OMS needs a fix or an upgrade


Get a detailed overview of your OMS in no time


Access reports with actionable insights


Run an analysis/comparison in a few easy steps

What Pivotree Evolve Can Do For You


Detect bugs, vulnerabilities and inefficient/excessive code in your current OMS

Provide Codebase of OMS/WMS for quality check

Evolve runs code quality check

Evolve generates report with bugs and vulnerabilities

Evolve also measures your code cyclomatic complexity so you’re able to increase its stability


Tally current OMS version against advanced ones to assess if you need an upgrade, see the differences, and know what to expect

Provide ERD Home zip file

Choose versions to compare

Evolve generates Comparison Report elaborating on added/removed features in latest version


Make multiple changes and replacements to your OMS code, all at once.

Ready to take the first step in OMS transformation, let’s assess now?

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