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The High Cost of Inaction: Embracing the New Status Quo in Supply Chain

The retail supply chain landscape is changing fast, and businesses must adapt and evolve to stay relevant. Failure to do so can result in increased costs and missed opportunities. The predicament is even bigger for the retail sector, where failure to meet expectations can lead to broken customer promises and permanent damage to your brand.

This webinar gives you a glimpse of the new status quo in retail supply chain management. Our experts share their views on the importance of leveraging strong strategic partnerships and establishing microservices-driven integrated ecosystems of solutions to unlock operational excellence and future readiness.

Key Talking Points:

  • The cost and impact of inaction in the retail business landscape
  • How Pivotree and Fluent Commerce can help beat fulfillment-related challenges that hamper customer experience
  • How the Fast Start Retail Solution can bring value to your business

Watch the Webinar and embrace the new status quo


Scott W. Luton

Founder, CEO
Supply Chain Now

Monica Provenza

Director, Omnichannel & Experience
Psycho Bunny

Keith Gorney

Enterprise Architect, Supply Chain

John Vurdelja

Partner Success, Expert Services, Alliances
Fluent Commerce