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The Essential Guide: 2023 Commerce Trends

How will you navigate the year ahead?

Thanks to historic inflation, drastic rate hikes, and geopolitical factors, a recession is almost certainly on the way in 2023.

Here’s the good news: economic downturns are often transformational, allowing new leaders to rise. Will your company be one of them? We want to make sure the answer is “Yes!”

To kick-start a great year, download Pivotree’s 2023 Commerce Trends Guide.

Our experts share their advice on the biggest commerce trends of 2023, plus the tangible actions you can take to make sure your business comes out on top.

In this guide you’ll get insights on:

  • How customer expectations will shift in 2023.
  • The top factors driving business survival.
  • Six critical commerce predictions in areas like supply chain, eCommerce, and customer experience.
  • Strategies and tactics to drive better outcomes, even with OPEX and CAPEX constraints.


“It might seem prudent to wait and see the full impact of these headwinds, but worsening economic conditions will make actions more important, not less.”

– Gartner1