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The 2023 Festive and Frictionless Guide

Your guide to the hottest (and snowiest) trends and best practices in the 2023 holiday season


Beyond the bells and whistles, the 2023 holiday season is going to be all about adaptability and scalability

The uptick in eCommerce spending during the holiday season opens up a world of possibilities for digital brands, but the playing field is always evolving. The key drivers of this evolution this year include the increase in Gen-Z’s buying power, the inflation situation, and the growing relevance of sustainability in the digital landscape.

Our Festive & Frictionless Guide tells you all about creating a happier holiday season for both, your customers and your business. Here’s how:

  • Leverage composable commerce to meet customer expectations at the speed of Santa’s sleigh
  • Bring AI and automation to the party
  • Deck the halls with data

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