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Increasing the Value of Product Data by Combining PIM, MDM, and AI/ML

Duration – 60 minutes

Accurate, complete, and well-organized product data is essential for e-commerce and supply chains, and it’s a potential treasure trove for organizations that want to reach the next step by using AI and machine learning (AI/ML) to drive smarter site search, personalized recommendations, and more. However, organizations will only encounter delays and frustration with AI/ML if they do not have a system in place that provides a golden record of product master data that is accurate, complete, and well-organized. That is what product information management (PIM) can deliver.

Request for the TDWI Webinar to learn how PIM reduces the data management and preparation load on data scientists and engineers so they can concentrate on what AI/ML does best. As product data grows in size and complexity, organizations need modernized PIM systems to eliminate data chaos, synchronize updates to all product data in catalogs and on websites, and perform other tasks such as data profiling and hierarchy management. PIM can speed the path to business value with AI/ML.

Topics covered in the webinar.

  • Current trends and directions in PIM and MDM systems and how they work with AI/ML
  • How PIM as part of a multidomain MDM architecture extends the reach of advanced analytics
  • How to simplify the alignment of PIM and AI/ML to create competitive advantages through customer and partner satisfaction


David Stodder
Senior Director of Research for BI, TDWI

Robert Stowell
Director of Master Data Management, Pivotree

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