Video: Essential Accessibility and Pivotree

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Digital accessibility is essential in today’s business environment. But most organizations fail to achieve compliance across the enterprise. Why?

Common approaches are fragmented or ineffective. Automated testing tools are a valuable resource, but even when utilized by experienced testers, they can only detect about 30% of accessibility issues, making them a partial solution at best.

Overlays and plug-ins promise instant results, but they only make superficial improvements at best, and compromised the user experience.

A consultant may seem like the answer, but it is a legacy approach that has proven to fail.

Building an internal team is costly and time consuming, and sourcing accessibility to design agencies is extremely risky. Unless a team or agency is comprised of experts, you’re likely being misled if told you’re compliant.

All these approaches fail to achieve compliance, compromise customer experience, and maintain your exposure to legal risk. So how should you proceed?

Enter eSSENTIAL Accessibility.

Technology, people, plus process combine in our Accessibility-as-a-Service Platform, providing a complete solution to manage, maintain, and support your organization’s digital accessibility program. Eliminate barriers, mitigate legal risk, and effectively solve for compliance, all in one platform.

The eA dashboard is the control center of your accessibility program, streamlining collaboration across business units and consolidating critical capabilities. A suite of integrated tools tracks your accessibility status, allowing you to remediate and report on issues as they’re identified. The platform serves as a system of record, chronicling your accessibility efforts in the event of legal action while discrediting the notion of intentional noncompliance.

Legal experts serve to authenticate demand letters and prevent litigation to protect your brand, while a dedicated team of compliance and accessibility professionals, including users with disabilities, perform reoccurring manual tests and assist in resolving issues as indicated.

Training modules accelerate awareness across your organization and instill a culture of inclusion that embeds accessibility and compliance into the development lifecycle, informing business processes moving forward.

Conformance statements validate and publicly showcase your commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion.

Featuring the globally recognized icon and assistive technology on your site takes you beyond minimum compliance requirements to ensure customers of all abilities can engage with your brand.

Accessibility is critical, as the number of digital assets you manage increase and grow more complex. However, achieving compliance requires a structured process and specialized capabilities.

Accelerate and sustain success with eSSENTIAL Accessibility. Contact us today and see why where the smarter way to digital accessibility compliance.