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2024 Digital Health Report

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average content health score across all sites


of product pages have 4 or less images


of products do not incluse 360 SPIN assest


of products have video assets


of sites adhere highly to category taxonomy and intermediary category page guidelines


of sites adhere highly to filter scope and logic guidelines


of sites adhere highly to product image and gallery UI guidelines


of sites adhere highly to product information and specification guidelines

With years of industry expertise, Pivotree and Content Status are your go-to partners to reduce your time to market and boost sales. As we’ve helped hundreds of others, we can help you streamline the acquisition, classification and enrichment of product data. Working with us allows your teams to reach revenue goals, contain costs, and get to market much faster and more efficiently.

We’re thrilled to bring you a new report in partnership with Content Status.

Inside, we evaluate how companies fare against basic content requirements, taxonomy best practices, and other critical product content elements. You’ll learn why: 

  • Creating the right taxonomy is essential to the findability and organization of your products catalog.
  • Missing or incorrect product page content leads directly to lower conversion rates and customer frustration.
  • As customer expectations are shifting, looking to sites like Amazon to understand upcoming trends will help you stay ahead. 
  • With complete and accurate product descriptions customer trust is enhanced, leading to increased sales and loyalty.


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