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SAP Marketing Cloud Implementations

The next generation of marketing automation is delivered by SAP – individually, or as part of the C/4HANA suite.

Pivotree can help you expand your digital transformation roadmap with a Gartner leader in multichannel marketing hub for 2019. SAP Marketing Cloud builds trust with your customers by ensuring their data is secure, with the ability to manage permissions and consent, and allows you to exchange more insight into your customers’ wants and needs for true value-creating customer experience.

SAP Marketing Cloud offers a trial version.

Only 16% of Marketers are satisfied with their personalization efforts, and 45% of marketers don’t have sufficient data and insights for effective personalization.

2019 Trends in Personalization Survey Report Researchscape International

How does SAP CX help you meet the ever-evolving demands of modern consumers?

SAP Marketing Cloud is an ideal platform for companies looking for multichannel marketing automation and analytics that will allow them to create a truly personalized experience with useful and important insight to their customers’ individual journeys and find better ways to serve them with great content and offerings.

Build Trust

Build trust by putting customer data in the customer’s hands so they can choose how you interact with them.

Reach Customers

Reach customers the moment they are ready to make a purchase or otherwise engage meaningfully with your brand.

Get Better Insights

Get better insights into what your customers are responding to and make your team more efficient across all channels.

Why choose Pivotree to implement SAP Marketing Cloud?

We think global and act local – with team members all around the globe, we are accessible and understand your local needs.

We have 20+ years of experience in digital transformation services, meaning you have access to a breadth of executive knowledge spanning centuries.

We have a customer-for-life philosophy. We want to help you Adapt Relentlessly through the various cycles of your overall strategy.

SAP Marketing Cloud will help you create brand experiences your customers will love and enjoy

SAP Marketing Cloud Overview

SAP Marketing cloud provides a single unified view of your customer, real-time insights into their customer journey, omnichannel personalization, machine learning capabilities and more.

InMoment Marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud will help you reach customers at the moment they are willing to make a decision on purchasing from your brand through multiple channels.

Machine Learning Solutions

Making data-driven decisions with SAP Marketing Cloud’s machine learning solutions means you can give each customer the personalized journey that is ideal for their needs and wants. You aren’t creating the campaign to try and convince the customer – instead, insights of the customer’s wants and needs help you create the idea campaign.

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketers have often suffered from a lack of insight into the buying behaviour and customer journey of their target customers. SAP Marketing Cloud is built to enable B2C and B2B marketers to obtain a single view of their customer and make decisions based on intelligent insights into their needs and how they value your product or service.

Marketing Analytics

Prove your marketing is effective so that you can focus on better campaigns, leading to higher results that you can relate back to your activities with hard data – and receive higher budgets to then funnel into your continued success as a marketer.

Key Features of SAP Marketing Cloud

Lead and Account-Based Marketing

– Seamless lead engagement to nurture leads and collaborate with sales to increase revenue
– Meaningful sales activities that enable your sales team to be more effective at their roles
– Account-based marketing that puts the customer at the centre of the engagement

Audiences, Campaigns, and Journeys

– Precise customer targeting to make sure you get your message to the right audience at the right time
– Personalized customer interactions throughout the customer journey
– Well-defined audience segmentation, down to micro segments
– Multichannel marketing campaign design and execution to drive more engagement and conversions across every channel

Marketing Planning and Performance

– Easy and fast access to marketing plans, campaigns, budgets, and performance
– Centralized collaboration on campaigns across teams
– Improved decision making with a centralized view of planning and real-time budget control
– Marketing calendar management to make sure campaign activities are planned and executed on-time

Dynamic Customer Profiling

– Trusted data management with permissions and consent.
– A single view of the customer with data from every part of your organization and third-party sources.
– Intelligent insights using machine learning and artificial intelligence

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