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SAP Customer Data Cloud Implementations

Does your customer trust you enough to take the leap?

Ensure loyalty with personalized experiences based on trust and personal data control with SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Customers are losing trust with businesses as they understand more and more the implications of the way companies have historically treated their data. Businesses who want to earn the trust of their customers and have an ethical commitment to ensuring customers have control over their data turn to the SAP Customer Data cloud to create a secure environment and ultimately win more brand loyalty.

Additionally, more and more governments are implementing GDPR-type measures – such as the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPIDA) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – to ensure that customer data is protected. If your business wants to succeed internationally or within your own borders, SAP Customer Data Cloud can help you be compliant with strict measures, protecting your own company from risk of fines or litigation.

92% of consumers say they think companies should be proactive about data protection
Source: PWC

How can SAP Customer Data Cloud turn anonymous online visitors into known, loyal customers?

SAP Customer Data Cloud gives customers the transparency and control they demand by capturing their consent and preferences at each touchpoint, storing that consent for up to 7 years so you are always ready for a GDPR-style audit. This can be used to personalize the experience for customers in a way that adds value to their customer journey with your company – showing them products or services they actually want, and removing friction from the buying process with features like single sign-on. When customers understand what their data is being used for, and if that use benefits their experience, they will share it with you, and they will learn to rely on your brand to offer them the personalized experiences they want.

Offer customers transparency

and control, while addressing GDPR compliance

Reduce IT complexities

and allow those business users who need it to have access control

Scale your personalization

across virtually any application or service with trusted customer data

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a leader in Customer Identity and Access Management

With over 15 years of experience with complex eCommerce implementations and 20+ years of hosting complex ecommerce environments, Pivotree understands the end-to-end omnichannel customer journey and how service, sales, marketing, and ecommerce can all support each other – if they have access to rich, unified customer profiles. In helping our customers achieve omnichannel commerce success, we’ve had to help our clients get a unified view of the customer across all channels, benefiting the entire organization.

We also have a long-standing relationship with SAP Customer Experience as a valued added reseller. This means SAP trusts us to help its software customers achieve success with its products, and that when you’re engaged with us, we are a cohesive team working towards your best interests.

We think global and act local – with team members all around the globe, we are accessible and understand your local needs.

We have 20+ years of experience in digital transformation services, meaning you have access to a breadth of executive knowledge spanning centuries.

We have a customer-for-life philosophy. We want to help you Adapt Relentlessly through the various cycles of your overall digital strategy.

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SAP Customer Data Cloud is a leader in Customer Identity and Access Management

SAP Customer Data Cloud Overview

If you can establish trust with your customer, you can keep their loyalty while engaging with them across multiple channels and touchpoints meaningfully. When you power your digital experiences with first-party data, the customer knows that their data is being treated with respect, because it wasn’t stolen or inferred from other nefarious methods – it was given with consent.


In order to ensure you are compliant with measures such as GDPR, PIPIDA, and CCPA, you must be able to keep track of where customer data is stored. If it is stored in separate silos, it is likely that you will lose track of it, opening yourself up to the danger of failing to pass a customer data audit. SAP Customer Data Cloud removes those silos and gives you one view of the customer – a golden record that is trackable, secure, and easy for the customer to edit if they desire. Customers trust you more, and your company is not at risk of fines or litigation.

The Three Pillars of the Customer Data Cloud Portfolio

SAP Customer Identity

-Customer Identity and Access Management Workflows
-Social Login for 30+ global social network providers
-Single Sign-on for frictionless authentication across digital properties
-Security features like Risk-Based Authentication, reCAPTCHA, Network Protected Identity, Multi-Factor Authentication and more

SAP Customer Profile

-A single source of truth for your customer data
-Insights into customer behaviour derived from first-party data for highly personalized experiences
-Store extended profile and preference data to meet the needs of the enterprise

SAP Customer Consent

-Allow customers to manage their own preferences and consent across channels
-Store consent changes so you can manage versions and reconsent in case of audits
-Govern and control the changes in consent across all your applications
-Self-service preference control for customers