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A partnership that propels value and creates new growth

Pivotree and Precisely have established a longstanding partnership to optimize customer experience and drive growth in our clients’ digital transformation initiatives. Focused on helping organizations maximize their return on investment in Precisely EnterWorks solutions, Pivotree
has mastered product, customer, and vendor domain implementations across multiple, diverse industries.

Professional Services That Help Drive Better Business Outcomes

Digital Strategy

Whether you’re new to MDM or have a program in place, our experienced consultants will ensure that data aligns with your strategic projects.

Architecture Planning

Looking to maximize the ROI from your MDM investment? We’ll help properly architect your solution to suit your specific needs and strategy.

Platform Implementation

Having implemented MDM systems for customers of all sizes, Pivotree knows how to tailor the solution to your business and drive results.

System Integration

Say no to silos. We ensure your MDM solution is fully integrated into your business to drive efficiency, customer experience, and revenue.

Application Training

Our certified consultants for Precisely EnterWorks provide application training so your team has clearly defined roles and can ramp up quickly.

System Upgrade Support

We ensure you always have the latest and greatest features. We prepare your code and infrastructure for compatibility with software updates.

Managed Services That Scale and Support Your Team

From hosting, to daily monitoring and maintenance, to in depth services for your specific application, there are multiple options that will help scale and support your development and data management teams.

Choose one, two or all three services depending on your unique requirements.

General Managed Services/Hosting (GMS)

Let us handle the complicated details like application setup and software installation, security monitoring, regular backups, and performance optimization. We make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on your core business instead of worrying about the technical details.


  • Cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure)
  • OS patching
  • Architecture cost optimization
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • VM/Instance level backup & restore
  • 24×7 Support

Managed Application Services (MAS)

We’ll ensure your MDM application is always available and that it stays up-to-date with any and all identified patching and upgrade requirements. We also monitor 3rd-party services. When  issues or errors arise, our support team will troubleshoot, find and resolve the root cause.

  • MDM Application
  • Configuration
  • Application restart
  • Updates
  • Logs
  • Root cause analysis
  • Performance optimization
  • Patching/upgrades
  • Scheduled activities
  • Monitoring 3rd party services

Functional Application Support (FAS)

We provide end-users with technical support for issues related to functionality. This may include resolving user-reported errors, answering user inquiries, and providing training to help users maximize the application’s functions.


  • Deployment support
  • Data model adjustment
  • Existing Workflow adjustment
  • Attribute definition adjustment
  • Application users’ permission management
  • Data & business validation rule adjustment
  • Import & export template management
  • Code Set (LOV) maintenance
  • Scheduled activities management
  • Vendor and supplier portal support

Why Choose Precisely EnterWorks for Your Business

Discrete Views of Everything

Orchestrate data and content collaboration across your organization and with suppliers, customers, partners, and marketplaces.

Differentiated Experiences

Leverage multiple domains to create unique user and touchpoint personalization.

Complexity Mastered

Master diverse business models for exceptional data quality and agility.

Why Pivotree

We deliver on time, on budget, and with little or no disruption to business as usual. Trust, transparency, and dependability drive all our initiatives.

Our multidomain implementation experts include senior Precisely practice leads with experience in Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) sytems.

Our unique blend of industry and platform knowledge helps clients draw maximum value from the Precisely solutions we implement for them.

With automation, PIM/MDM, and a repertoire of tools and expertise for data extraction, normalization, and optimization, we enable clients to leverage a complete and holistic data ecosystem that they can use to master their data and make informed business decisions.

The journey doesn’t end with the successful completion of a Precisely implementation. Our Managed Services team offers ongoing support services to ensure that our clients continue to derive value from and preserve their data management investment.

  • Application Enhancements and Optimization
    Our team provides ongoing updates to configuration, workflow, business rules and monitors ongoing data integrations to ensure that your solution can easily adapt to your business changes and growth.
  • User Experience
    We also provide end-users with technical support to address issues related to functionality. This may include resolving user-reported errors, answering user inquiries, and providing training to help users maximize the application’s functions.

Proudly Serving These Industry Leaders

Our customers include B2B and B2C clients of all sizes in retail, manufacturing and distribution across mulitiple industries.


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