Omni-Channel Order Management

Bridge will help you define your strategic order fulfillment objectives, success criteria and a roadmap for getting there. This may include business process changes, a robust technology solution, and a phased rollout approach and best practices to ensure success.

Specifically, it will help you…

  • Achieve inventory visibility across your entire enterprise (which may include multiple ERP or WMS systems), so you can reduce your inventory carrying costs and deliver faster
  • Centralize your OMS (order management system) so your customers can buy from, ship from, ship to, return to… anywhere
  • Know your true cost of delivery so you can fulfill profitably

If you’re ready to evaluate solutions, check out our Distributed Order Management (DOM) RFP template and watch our OMS & WMS Master Class. To read more about our solutions for omni-channel order management and fulfilment, see the links below.

Bridge Rabbit Subscription Order Management 

Most order management systems weren’t designed to handle subscription orders. That’s why we developed Bridge Rabbit, a module that integrates with your existing order management system and lets you manage customer subscription orders. And best of all, it can be deployed in as little as four weeks. Learn more.

Magento Order Management

Magento Order Management provides many of the robust features of an enterprise distributed order management system with the convenience and accelerated deployment of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Learn more.

Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce shines in the areas of fast deployment, ease of use, and a platform that was designed specifically for SaaS. It also includes pre-built rules templates to accelerate implementations and your return on investment. Learn more.

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