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UK-Based Luxury Brand Improves Website Performance & Reduces Hardware Footprint

An international luxury brand has recently migrated its Oracle Commerce website to Pivotree and saw significant improvement in performance while reducing hardware footprint.


Fewer Servers

4x Better Application Performance


The retailer built its first Oracle Commerce website a few years ago. Recent web traffic growth, as well as increasing customer expectations made it obvious to the retailer that it could no longer rely on existing systems to provide required website stability. It needed a reliable partner that would ensure the flawless performance of its systems at all times, while allowing the company’s internal team to focus on business development instead of troubleshooting.

Ecommerce Hosting Solution

After evaluating the existing environment, the Pivotree team believed it could provide better website performance and stability under high loads of traffic while significantly reducing the retailer’s hardware footprint. The following was provided as part of the Pivotree Oracle Commerce Hosting Solution:

  • Newer and faster servers
  • Dedicated redundant 10GB networks
  • Hosting environment configured and tuned by Oracle Commerce experts

Note: No code changes or application/database tuning was performed.
All performance improvements described below are a direct reflection of the changes made to the hosting environment by Pivotree.


The hosting environment delivered by Pivotree had 60% fewer servers while providing four times better application performance.

Quick Summary


  • Site instability limited business growth
  • Internal teams losing time on troubleshooting
  • Performance issues during peak traffic


  • Pivotree Oracle Commerce Hosting Solution
  • Newer, faster servers
  • Dedicated redundant 10GB networks
  • Hosting environment configuration


  • 60% reduced hardware footprint
  • 4x better application performance
  • Cost-effective, optimized hosting environment
Luxury Brand Infrastructure Before and After Chart

As a result of the changes implemented by Pivotree, the client saw significant improvement in the website performance. Switching to a smaller but better optimized hosting environment allowed the company to minimize infrastructure-related expenses.