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Case Study: 


‘Shopified’ for Peak-Season Success and a Frictionless Future 


Lorex, a Canadian-founded and privately-owned company, specializes in crafting smart home security and business monitoring solutions. With groundbreaking products such as integrated monitors and 4K resolution cameras, the company has been at the helm of customer-centric DIY security solutions for over three decades. When Lorex found itself at the forefront of evolving customer expectations and market demands, it needed the right eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus, to get the job done.

Shifting from the previous platform, Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10, to Shopify Plus required a seamless migration that ensured speed, agility, and optimized operating costs. Having previously guided Lorex in eCommerce platform integrations, Pivotree thoroughly understood Lorex’s business, making us the ideal experts to facilitate the transition.

Powered by Pivotree’s experience and expertise in Shopify Plus customization, the transition included solutions like ERP systems connections with diverse sales channels, including eBay and social media platforms. This shift reduced operating costs and empowered Lorex to achieve record-breaking sales during peak seasons. 

Reduced operating costs by 8%
Achieved record-breaking peak-season sales
Simplified business processes
Achieved greater efficiencies
Enabled smooth market expansion

The flexibility and agility of the Shopify Plus platform will continue to provide us with cost-effective capabilities over the long term.

– Denys Posokhov
Director of eCommerce
and Web Development, Lorex

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