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CAE launches multiple eCommerce storefronts in
record time


A global leader in training and operational support solutions in civil aviation, defense & security, and healthcare partners with Pivotree and VTEX to add new streams of revenue for a complex, high compliance portfolio.

#1 Global leader in the industry

5 Websites to be launched

1 Platform to fuel CAE’s digital transformation

With 75 years of industry firsts, CAE stands at the cutting edge of digital immersion, providing solutions to make the world a safer place. The company continues to reimagine customer experience and revolutionize training and operational support solutions in civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare. CAE has the broadest industry presence in its sector, with over 13,000 employees, 180 sites and 35 countries.

As a global leader in simulation technology and training for complex industries, CAE aims to leverage bold digital transformation to bolster digitally immersive offerings, and add yet another stream to support revenue growth and customer needs.

Setting the Scene for Digital Transformation

An intuitive and seamless customer experience forms the very core of CAE’s digital transformation. Towards this, they aimed for a “rapid launch” of multiple eCommerce sites.

Given that these websites would need to account for varying nuances such as IP blocking, geographic restrictions, regulatory requirements, legal compliance, and more, Pivotree and VTEX understood the need for agile solution architecture to deal with these challenges. The Pivotree Experience Strategy Group worked closely with VTEX to create an outcome framework – one that was built on Pivotree working closely with the customer by facilitating design thinking sessions.

“It would be easy to say, ‘this is still CAE, so you can copy the processes.’ But the reality is that processes should be defined to meet each BU’s needs“ – Alain Prosper, Senior Business Consultant, Pivotree

Agility, Ingenuity… and Common Sense

With no previous point of reference for the project scope, CAE faced a blank slate. While this situation presented exciting opportunities, it was also integral to mitigate any associated risks. Pivotree leveraged VTEX’s architecture and AWS presence to offer quick go-lives and comprehensive customization without the risk of delays.

Throughout the transformation journey, Pivotree ensured ongoing alignment between business objectives and technical capabilities. Pivotree’s past experience was used to ensure that technical solutions were re-used where applicable, driving efficiencies and reducing technical debt.

“We are excited to work alongside our partners at Pivotree to support CAE in creating best-in-class digital customer experiences and help accelerate their bold digital strategy.” Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer & US General Manager, VTEX.

Quick Summary


  • Complex portfolio with diverse business rules
  • The need for rapid implementation
  • Lack of historical reference points to define scope
  • Aligning technological solutions with business objectives
  • High standards of compliance requirement


  • Strategic guidance and thought leadership at the foundational level to drive CAE’s decision making
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) based VTEX architecture with high flexibility and agility to accommodate CAE’s iterative digital transformation
  • Bird’s-eye-view of technology and business objective synergy
  • Establishment of a robust system for compliance, geofencing, data handling and security features


  • Accelerated time to market with the implementation of 5 websites in 8 months
  • Single platform leveraged to support different business models
  • Ensuring future-readiness, giving CAE the confidence to continue to expand its eCommerce ecosystem

We are excited to work alongside our partners at Pivotree to support CAE in creating best-in-class digital customer experiences and help accelerate their bold digital strategy.

Amit Shah

Chief Strategy Officer & US General Manager, VTEX

The Journey Continues

With Pivotree and VTEX ticking all the boxes, spanning from consultation and strategy to design and implementation, CAE benefited greatly from the Pivotree/VTEX partnership. Both, Pivotree and VTEX brought over two decades of experience and expertise into the mix, and this was only the start of the journey. CAE will continue to transform and adapt in an iterative fashion, and Pivotree and VTEX will be central to this transformation. The case stands out as a resonating example of how legacy companies can take on digital transformation to form a robust eCommerce presence with little or no past experience. 

It was only natural to turn to the experts at Pivotree and VTEX to guide our plan.

Arnaud Van de Voorde

Chief Digital Officer, CAE