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Tenzing Unveils New Infrastructure Platform to Unify Diverse Cloud Innovations

Apr 10, 2018

UPDATE: Tenzing is now operating as Pivotree, a global commerce and information management services firm.

TORONTO – April 10, 2018

The company continues to strengthen its portfolio of digital transformation tools with their latest development, Atmosphere.

Tenzing, a leading provider of commerce application and managed services, is proud to announce the release of Atmosphere, the new offering designed to help customers leverage the diverse sphere of cloud innovations across multiple incongruous environments, all on one platform.

Atmosphere is built on an abstraction layer that allows companies to customize and centralize all of their cloud-related integrations as needed. By facilitating these agnostic cloud capabilities, clients can now deploy and host environments more efficiently to provide their customers with value and innovation much faster.

From the client’s perspective, all of their preferred developer tools, applications and integrations can remain the same and be optimized within their current workflow, while Atmosphere’s abstraction layer provides an agnostic environment for your integrations to thrive. Tenzing will handle the orchestration and configuration of Atmosphere within public and/or private environments.

Addressing the compatibility issues their clients faced in the cloud, Tenzing designed Atmosphere to give those customers the full power and flexibility of their cloud-architected applications. They wanted to provide more feasible, customized solutions for customers straddling a complex variety of platforms and environments.

Atmosphere offers vast improvements to the scalability, security, performance and reach of complex infrastructures. Not only does it assist organizations in deploying updates more quickly, but also in conceiving more intelligently-designed solutions thanks to their broadened capabilities, and in less time. This accelerates their ability to manage heavyweight promotional efforts as well as monitor and respond to errors. Its natural transparency means clients can choose multiple preferred cloud providers across their organization, even within the same department.

“Technological innovations aside, Tenzing’s #1 goal is keeping our clients as competitive as possible. In commerce, your most defining capabilities are efficiency and flexibility — and Atmosphere provides both. It’s our answer to the tangled web of cloud-based applications our clients are dealing with. Our teams are really eager to engage them in discussions about all of the initiatives that are now possible (or made drastically easier) because of Atmosphere,” said Vice President of Technology, Chris MacLean.

Atmosphere’s release comes during an exciting period at the company, as Tenzing recently announced a merger with Spark::red and Thinkwrap Commerce. The new technology powerhouse stands to become the largest premium Oracle Commerce managed services provider in the world.

They are investing in their vision to provide the most modern digital transformation capabilities to their clients, expanding on existing expertise in headless architecture, end-to-end commerce, micro-services and beyond.

The new platform’s introduction is closely aligned with Tenzing’s focus on enabling clients to focus innovation efforts around their customer and business goals — not a maze of technological limitations they’ve come to accept as the norm. As the industry continues to fluctuate and surprise us, we’ll continue to be ready to provide customers with the support they need for digital transformation. To learn more about Atmosphere and how it can help your organization to innovate faster, please visit

About Tenzing Managed Services

Tenzing deploys, manages and optimizes software and infrastructure for leading omnichannel and commerce platforms from partners such as Oracle Commerce, SAP Hybris, Intershop, Magento, and others. Tenzing provides solutions that enhance performance, maintain security and simplify compliance for leading retailers and manufacturers. By combining deep technical expertise with exceptional service delivery, value, and support. Tenzing helps clients alleviate risk and maximize revenue from their digital investments. Tenzing has offices and customers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and is widely recognized as a high-growth company and industry leader.

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