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This past week I attended the NetPlus Alliance Annual Meeting. The NetPlus buying group consists of hundreds of suppliers and distributors in the industrial MRO and construction sectors united by a single goal: to find innovative ways to move their businesses forward, drive revenues, and reduce costs.

As a first-time attendee, the most striking thing I immediately noticed was the level of comradery and passion that NetPlus Alliance members share for their industry. There is amazing and sincere respect among the members.

NetPlus Alliance members are savvy professionals who understand that the world of commerce continues to pick up speed and shows no sign of slowing down. Without exception, they understand that they are both chasing market leaders like Amazon and figuring out how to work with them. There are no longer clear lines between master distributor, distributor, and manufacturer. Instead, channel strategies are more like a tangled ball of yarn.


The Paradox of Choice in Digital Commerce

The challenge so many members face is what psychologist Barry Schwartz famously called “the paradox of choice.” Faced with too many options, people are now less inclined to take action, whether it’s buying a jar of jam or investing in a new technology. In the case of our industry, the paradox of choice touches many areas: digital commerce, supply chain, product selection, and many more. NetPlus Members, like all of us, are working through the challenge of a market moving at light speed and the array of options proliferating at a torrid pace.


Solving the Product Content Exchange Problem

At Codifyd, we are partnering with NetPlus Alliance to provide an answer to this paradox of choice: sharing product content with channel partners. How do hundreds of suppliers and distributors effectively exchange product content so that the buyer always has the right selection and complete information to make a quick and easy purchase decision?

By working together, NetPlus Alliance members can now exchange highly customized product content via the Codifyd Bridge AI platform. The platform fully automates the syndication of product content while being flexible enough to adapt to the fast-moving demands of the market. With the NetPlus Alliance Connect program, members get to enjoy efficient content sharing while their customers receive relevant information at all points of the buying journey.

We are honored to be part of the NetPlus Alliance family and to play our part in helping members move their business forward.

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