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CHICAGO (March XX, 2016) – inRiver, a leader in product experience management (PXM) and product information management (PIM), has partnered with Codifyd, a leading provider of product categorization and content solutions, to transform the B2B purchasing experience for online users.

Through inRiver’s partnership with Codifyd – and Codifyd’s proprietary systems specializing in content taxonomy, product categorization, and data cleansing – inRiver’s U.S. customers will have a user-friendly, B2C product experience in the world of B2B digital commerce. This unique strategic partnership improves the way users interact with, find, search, and navigate products online – delivering a strategic, purposeful, and efficient online buying experience.

Approximately 750 worldwide brands rely on inRiver’s PIM solution to create, manage, enrich, and publish detailed product information in numerous markets across e-commerce, print, in-store, and mobile selling channels.

This partnership solves the problem for which leading manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have been collectively seeking a solution: how to manage high-quality production information internally, with channel partners, and for the complex requirements of B2B purchasing professionals to enable a fast and easy purchasing journey for B2B buyers.

“Codifyd truly understands the importance of marketing content that tells the product story and helps drive conversion and sales,” stated Johan Boström, cofounder and chief strategy officer of inRiver. “Our PIM solution combined with Codifyd’s deep domain expertise makes it faster and easier for B2B brands to manage their product information accurately and efficiently across all sales channels.”

inRiver’s PXM concept enables marketers to share world-class product information across multiple selling channels, plan content-based marketing activities, and fully control media and digital assets that support content. PXM combines the best of PIM (product information management), MRM (marketing resource management), and DAM (digital asset management) technologies into a single marketing solution. It transforms the way content flows throughout an organization to the end-user.


About inRiver

Founded in 2007, inRiver ( is the leader in simplifying product information management (PIM) by putting the power in the hands of the user, enabling omnichannel commerce professionals to visually manage product information. inRiver is fast to implement and easy to use – radically simplifying the creation, maintenance, and distribution of product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages.

More than 220 customers around the world rely on inRiver’s platform as their engine for driving the PIM process for their 750 globally recognized brands. inRiver’s success lies in the simplicity of its user-driven and highly visual solution, the scalability of the software, the speed of implementation, and the ability to quickly generate positive results.


About Codifyd

Codifyd ( is dedicated to helping B2-B commerce companies navigate, meet, and exceed customer expectations in today’s digital commerce marketplace. Its product content design, implementation, and maintenance strategies not only enable clients to reduce costs, speed time to market, and grow revenue, but they also pave the way for an outstanding ecommerce shopping experience for online buyers. Codifyd’s services, strategy, and technology solutions are the result of over 15 years of product content search and practice. Codifyd’s technology-enabled consulting services and cloud-based solutions let eCommerce companies accelerate their products’ potential.