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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 6 (ANI/BusinessWire India): In the post-Covid times, Codifyd Inc., a globally-renowned solutions provider of digital transformation services and technologies, has reinforced its commitment to creating an enabling and exciting environment for its truly diverse workforce.

To that end, the company has, in the recent past, taken a series of initiatives vis-a-vis empowering its employees and helping them to deliver and perform their best. In the upcoming months and years, the company will be following a ‘hybrid’ policy of working, a combination of ‘office-based work’ and ‘work-from-home for all its employees’.

Over the last year, during and after the Covid-19 lockdowns; Codifyd emerged as one of the handful numbers of tech companies in the world that notified a plethora of job openings and has been continuously hiring quality talent across various profiles like IT, SAAS, Big Data, Data Modeling, Data Analytics, PIM (Product Information Management), MDM (Master Data Management), Content Management (B2B Ecommerce — Taxonomy, Schema, etc.), among others. The company has been actively focusing on attracting and recruiting talent for its 3 major office locations in Mumbai (India), Chicago (US) and Leicestershire (UK), and will continue to do so in the upcoming months of 2021 and beyond.

Sanjay Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Codifyd, says, “After the pandemic outbreak last year, the humongous digital push and digital transformation opportunities across the world led us to think about how we can perform and work better amid the changing environment. We started working with a wide range of talented and skilled professionals in the industry while providing them with best-in-class remote work opportunities and an enabling world-class remote work environment. Over time, we realized that high-quality output is possible even in the ‘work from home scenario, and people who are determined to do great work will do it regardless of the location. With that in mind, we at Codifyd have now opened the doors to access diverse global talent beyond any geographical or other barriers whatsoever. Going forward, we will continue to rapidly expand our workforce by onboarding many more young and talented professionals and helping them grow and develop their careers in a collaborative, digital-first environment.”

Furthermore, the company that prides itself on being an employee-centric brand that cares immensely for its people has made work-from-home possible for mothers returning to work and even people who had to take sabbatical due to health issues or other problems.

In the near future, Codifyd envisions creating and nurturing a 100 percent digital workforce and acquiring global talent beyond any location or geographical barriers! The idea is to build a ‘talentscape’ that is relevant and ready to work and create high-quality solutions for the increasingly digitized world we are entering in the post-Covid era.

Trushit Buch, Codifyd India Lead says, “Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 impact disrupted our lives, lifestyle as well as business and work dynamics through the last one year. However, we at Codifyd have been successfully able to turn the crisis scenario into an opportunity for accelerated growth, talent acquisition and innovation. Thanks to the pandemic, we were able to build a nationwide presence pan-India, while working with the best resources and some of the most talented minds in our industry.”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak last year, as a substantially large number of companies almost suddenly woke up to the immense possibilities and benefits of going digital, it rendered a great scope for Codifyd to offer their state-of-the-art digital services/solutions such as digital-commerce strategy, PIM & MDM solution, Product UX, Analytics, etc. Ever since the company has been aggressively expanding its workforce and footprints by acquiring and working with an increased number of clienteles in North America and the EU and helping them digitally integrate their products or services.

The transformative work is what excites the team Codifyd — the journey of co-creating and setting new trends in the evolving world of digital. Even being pioneers in the ecosystem of digital commerce, the team at Codifyd still loves to challenge the status quo and bring in new possibilities for today’s and tomorrow’s digital era.

At present, Codifyd’s team consists of a diverse range of passionate, forward-thinking professionals who come from different backgrounds starting from digital marketing and commerce to product development, business analysis, systems integration, and so on. The company strongly believes in promoting agility and innovation at the workplace, celebrating the ideas and diverse mindsets of its people, and constantly upgrading and optimizing processes and methodologies in order to bring in the utmost value to the digital marketplace(s).