Customers today are spoilt for choice. They have thousands of websites and millions of products to spend their dollars on. Given that it only takes a fraction of a second to make a first impression, what you need is much more than basic product content to convert a search into a sale. What you need is differentiated and rich content to stand out from your competitors.

It is only when your customers are meaningfully engaged with your products that you can empower them to make a purchasing decision in your favor. Of course, the key to that engagement is helping them as they search for information about the product that convinces that the product perfectly meets their needs.


The role of differentiated content in creating great first impressions

In the world of accelerating the adoption of digital commerce, every organization is striving to provide an engaging experience-driven by-product content. Differentiated and rich content is a great way to give new digital prospects a great first impression, provide them with the information they need at every touchpoint of the buying journey, and empower them to make quick and “obvious” purchasing decisions, so they can move from being prospects to customers. If you can provide the information they desire or require quickly and easily, they will be extremely impressed with your brand and are sure to return for repeat purchases.

Content that encourages visitors to click further into your website is what really augments your virtual sales pitch. Leveraging differentiated and rich content is a great way to make a huge impression and hook visitors early in the buyer journey.

Here are 6 ways by which you can create great first impressions with differentiated and rich content:

  • Enhance contextualization: When customers surf through products, only those that fit the context really catch their eye. Differentiated and rich content can pave the way for substantial contextualization; based on the specific needs of targeted groups of customers, you can showcase content in the right context and showcase the value the product will add to them. Contextualization also helps in drawing the attention of buyers to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at every step of the sales cycle.
  • Increase visual appeal: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds very true in the world of product content. Since visually appealing elements are known to have the greatest impact on first impressions, through differentiated and rich content, you can positively impact your products’ findability and sales, get prospective customers to linger longer on your site, while converting more of them into buyers by providing them a visual representation of crucial product information.
  • Reduce the need for excessive navigation: Customers who find themselves navigating a lot through different pages of a website, churn the fastest. With differentiated and rich content, you can provide customers with all the information they need in a logically integrated package – including promotions, complementary products, rewards programs, and more. This reduces the need for excessive navigation while empowering them to make a considered decision faster.
  • Accelerate the speed of information: Differentiated and rich content can also play a great role in offering a personalized shopping experience, enabling customers to become power shoppers. Product content offered in the form of videos is a great way to grab the attention and offer the information customers need – in an easy-to-understand manner. They can not only help customers learn how your product works, but also see them in action.
  • Strengthen your value proposition: There are several reasons why prospects would need your products. By using differentiated and rich content, you can communicate specific value propositions to different groups of visitors, provide a solution to their problems, and fulfill their needs. You can state the precise details of your products, increase visibility and prominence on search results, and strengthen your value proposition.
  • Develop connections and fuel trust: Differentiated and rich product content is a great way to showcase how your products or product portfolio can solve customer problems or needs. Through images, videos, product descriptions, manufacturing and warranty information, installation manuals, and support models, you can improve the customer experience. Complete and consistent product information can build credibility and authority in your brand. Such credibility can also help greatly in building connections between the customers and the products they seek and fuel trust.
Let product content speak for itself

Customers who’re in search of products that meet their needs want to be able to make the right purchasing decisions – as quickly as they can. Bombarding them with vanilla content or content that’s outdated, irrelevant, or inconsistent is a sure way to drive them away. Since they have masses of products to choose from, the onus of empowering them to choose your brand over the others is entirely on you. Providing differentiated and rich content about your products and how they can solve their challenges – quickly and easily – is a great way to get their attention. If they find that the information you’re providing meets their expectations, it will help in creating great first impressions while supporting the progression of buyer journeys towards a carefully-considered purchase decision.