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Chicago, IL, August 18, 2016 — Codifyd Inc., the leading provider of e-commerce product-content solutions, today announced the release of a new version of Codifyd Bridge. This popular and groundbreaking platform automates product content onboarding, distribution, and channel management. Online sellers can use Bridge to automatically convert product content to meet any channel partner’s data requirements, so manual formatting is no longer an issue. Bridge also speeds time to market.

The software’s patent-pending, machine-learning technology classifies SKUs to meet any e-commerce product hierarchy format, maps product attributes to fit any product model requirement, and normalizes product information to satisfy any data standard. Bridge enables e-commerce vendors to manage and deliver millions of structured data points to channel partners without drowning in tedious, manual tasks required by many of today’s solutions.

Here are some of the upgrades featured in the new version of Bridge:

* New user interface makes navigation simpler and gets you everywhere in two clicks or less.

* You can easily import and export CSV and XML files. No technical expertise is required.

* New product views and filters make connecting with channels easier.

* Global attribute function enables you to create a rule just once; no repeats are necessary.

There are several reasons Bridge stands out among competitors’ products. While there is software that enables users to syndicate a single catalog to hundreds of destinations, Bridge offers multiple, customized catalogs. And though other companies offer mapping technologies, most do not use smart recommendations/machine learning and automation to add intelligence.

Bridge is the only SMART channel-management tool that allows a business user — technology skills not required — to provide customized product content to every channel. Codifyd’s Vice President of Software Solutions Brad Johnson, says, “We have had several manufacturers tell us that they’re trying to move their channel management out of the IT department and into marketing. Bridge allows that to happen.”

Brad continues, “Companies tend to severely underestimate the cost (lost revenues) of content that’s poorly managed and not responsive to the needs of resellers. Managing product content is something that our customers can use Bridge to automate very efficiently, so they can focus on generating sales.”

Codifyd released the new version of Bridge based on user feedback, and its singular goal is to redefine how manufacturers and distributors manage their channels. One of Codifyd’s clients — RS Components, the world’s leading high-service distributor of electronics and maintenance products — successfully used Bridge to speed its product onboarding by 50 percent.


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