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At Codifyd, we enable the world’s top businesses to reach their digital potential. Codifyd was born with the vision of making product content the driving force behind an exceptional digital commerce experience for B2-B customers. Today, the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers trust Codifyd as their go-to provider of digital transformation services and technologies.

We are content and data-obsessed. Our digital transformation services and AI technologies enable operational efficiency for B2B organizations and their channel partners while providing a superior research-to-purchase experience for end-users and financial growth for sellers.

All of us know that digital is important, but the pace of change is frightening at times! In 2010 there were 5 Billion people and already 1 billion digital devices or things. By 2020 that number is predicted to be 50 billion, for just the 8 billion of us!

More than 200,000 new B2B websites went online in 2017; there are now more than 20 million SKU’s available online.

According to a recent survey, B2B respondents reported that only 7% had achieved critical mass online. On the other hand, nearly two-thirds of the respondents had achieved less than 5% share and also had not been able to make any major improvement for the last 3 years!

Nearly 70% of B2B customers are interested in researching online before they make a purchase.


So what kind of experience do B2B buyers expect?

Long gone are the days when an image of a product and a basic description were enough!
Today’s B2B customers’ demands are pretty straightforward, they value ease and choice, they want credible information and their problems solved– they want to do it for themselves, online, and when it suits them! They expect at a bare minimum- multiple images, instructive video, features, benefits, application and safety information, reference designs/ datasheets, and certifications. They also desire to be guided simply and quickly through the decision process, and all of this is done online through the content you provide.

In short, B2B consumers demand the best possible digital experience, across multiple devices; just as those provided by industry leaders across the digital commerce industry!

The holy grail to achieving outstanding customer experience is Content. Organizations that succeed in delivering quality content consistently outperform peers commercially by at least 3x, and ensure an additional premium of €5bn for themselves!

We want to show you how to use innovation to achieve the content that your customers want, need, and deserve (because whilst you agree, very few are doing it well today and those that are, are winning). We’ll give you an overview of the industry, talk about some shared challenges that we all face, and demonstrate what it takes to be successful. Come join us at B2B Online, one of Europe’s leading digital B2B events,  in Amsterdam on the 28th & 29th of November 2018. Register for the event here.

Our keynote speech, which starts at 11:05 AM on the 28th of November, will be headlined by our COO Indranil Roy Choudhury and Alan Miller, our Europe lead,  and one of our principal consultants, instrumental in designing our digital content strategy.

We will demonstrate how technological tools such as Augmented Reality, combined with AI and ML can be used to create productive content which converts your potential customers into buyers!

We will also showcase our deep capabilities in analytics, with the focus being on predictive analytics which provides actionable insights on all parts of your supply chain spanning sales, customer, and market intelligence. The range of metrics provided include those on pricing, product performance, ‘customer 360’, and alternate product recommendations

For more information on our analytics capabilities, readers are encouraged to explore our website here

After what promises to be an eventful and productive day, we invite you to unwind with us over drinks and dinner at 6:30 PM CET! Also, we are available for quick booth visits at the event. Kindly follow this link for some productive conversations with us.

So, to start your digital transformation journey, join us at the B2B Online Europe 2018 and #Get Codifyd!