Codifyd, a leading B2B Digital Transformation solutions provider, invites visitors to explore its new website,

Codifyd’s updated digital presence supports the official launch of new managed services: Product UX and Content Factory. Powered by proprietary AI syndication technologies, Codifyd’s new service offerings are designed to elevate eCommerce revenue for manufacturers and distributors with a persistent focus on content-centric digital transformation.

“In the current B2B ecosystem, companies that recognize and invest in digital are seeing significant online growth, while the laggards are suffering because they are missing a major driver in eCommerce success: great user experience,” said Indranil Roy Choudhury, COO of Codifyd. “At Codifyd, we focus on enabling our clients to provide the best ‘research and buy’ experience for their B2B customers.”

Since the beginning of the digital evolution in B2B commerce, Codifyd has been a key player in this space, fueling digital commerce by creating and facilitating exceptional Product UX. In the last fiscal quarter, several leading global manufacturers and distributors have invested in these services from Codifyd. The new website will better serve those clients as well as potential partners.

The company’s new website goes beyond communicating its services and products. The website’s new design and improved functionality are set to serve as a knowledge resource for industry players – a hub to get the latest B2B commerce news and trends and conduct research on all things digital transformation. The website is updated regularly with informative blog posts, webinars, white papers, case studies, and more.


About Codifyd

Codifyd was born with the vision of making ”research and buy” the driving force behind an exceptional digital commerce experience for B2-B customers. Today, the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers trust Codifyd as their go-to provider of digital transformation services and technologies. Codifyd’s managed product content services and AI technologies deliver an outstanding research-to-buy experience for customers, leading to significant revenue growth. For more information on Codifyd, visit and follow @codifyd on Twitter and LinkedIn for original content and industry updates.