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CHICAGO, IL, October 12, 2016 – Codifyd Inc., the leading provider of e-commerce product content solutions, today announced its partnership with data management solutions provider, Informatica®, the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions. This new strategic partnership is set to provide an end-to-end master data management solution that meets today’s digital demands.

With product content becoming increasingly critical as a business asset in the digital age, the ownership, program structure, methods, standards, and risks must be managed to provide a solution that delivers a competitive advantage. Combined with Informatica MDM – Product 360, Informatica’s robust product information management (PIM) solution, Codifyd’s expertise in complex product data model design, and world-class content production helps assure the right outcomes are delivered while keeping the product experience in mind for digital users.

Informatica MDM – Product 360 enables business users to efficiently acquire, author, and publish product information to grow sales and customer experience. Having worked together with Informatica for several years, Codifyd is an expert in implementing Informatica’s MDM solutions, bringing value beyond MDM technology expertise.

Informatica’s senior vice president, Partner Ecosystem, Rodney Foreman says, “Codifyd brings a unique depth of experience around omnichannel, e-commerce and MDM solutions, having not only project implementation skills but also deep knowledge of how to define and create effective product attribution and taxonomies to drive business.” He continues, “I look forward to our teams working closely together in the years to come.”

Codifyd has battle-tested experts, methodologies, and tools to help ensure Informatica MDM is delivered on time, and on budget while returning a value.

“Customers will uniquely benefit from this partnership that brings together Codifyd’s product content-centric digital commerce expertise and the industry-leading Informatica MDM – Product 360,” says Sanjay Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Codifyd. “We are excited about helping customers deliver a world-class digital commerce experience through our partnership with Informatica.”


About Codifyd

Codifyd helps B2B and B2C manufacturers and distributors navigate and meet the challenges they face managing the complex data and content required for today’s digital commerce marketplace. At Codifyd, we’re product-content obsessed, having worked for 16 years with the leaders in digital commerce. Our product-content design, development, and enrichment strategies enable an outstanding research-to-purchase experience for commerce users, leading to significant revenue growth.  Our technology-enabled solutions and services also reduce costs of data management and deliver a competitive advantage. For more information on Codifyd, contact Paul Jakaitis at [email protected] or 312-243-1140.