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After a challenging year (to say the least), this holiday season provides a golden opportunity to amp up digital commerce and turn the 2020 tides. Retailers know that many consumers are ready to spend – we see “Giftober” deals rolling in every day.

Overall, experts expect seasonal online sales to jump 35% this year, and retailers need to capitalize on that market. One of the crucial ways to do this is by offering greater Convenience.

A leading issue with e-commerce experiences? Getting the product.  

Let’s face it – waking up at 3:00 a.m. and waiting in long Black Friday lines was never convenient. But shoppers liked the fun, excitement, and camaraderie. This year, with precautions taking a lot of the “fun” out of in-store shopping, the scales will tip towards providing a convenient e-commerce experience.

Luckily, most consumers appreciate the convenience of shopping online. However, it’s the receiving end that brings frustration. Shoppers have little tolerance for high shipping costs and long delivery times, especially during the holidays.

It’s that last mile that’s most challenging for retailers. So, how can you pull out all the stops to keep things convenient and flexible for your customers? By offering an array of purchasing and pickup options.

BOPIS and Curbside become mission-critical.

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) will be critical this year – nearly 70% of consumers say they would like to use BOPIS options.

This year, however, less customers will want to physically enter a store. According to a recent holiday consumer survey, 55% say they’ll use curbside pickup more this year than last. With the end date for social distancing still uncertain (and customers loving its convenience), curbside could go from a ‘nice to have’ to a retail staple for years to come. 

An effective BOPIS/Curbside combination helps retailers:

  • Unlock inventory sitting in closed/under-trafficked stores.
  • Reach customers who don’t want to wait for shipping and delivery.
  • Stay agile amid COVID lockdown tiers.
  • Provide convenience even in normal conditions.

Does your e-commerce site still need BOPIS capabilities? Or do you have BOPIS but lack a strong curbside process? Then it’s time to act.

The Pivotree BOPIS solution helps merchants reach their BOPIS goals fast, with features for:

  • BOPIS Curbside Manager – Delivers an Uber-like experience for the customer, facilitating easy package hand-off at the curb or in the parking lot. Includes tools to ensure communication with the customer, order accuracy, and expedient delivery. 
  • BOPIS Personal Shopper – Helps retailers add a BOPIS option at checkout to a traditional e-commerce system. Store associates utilize the app to build the customer’s order and prepare it for pickup, which is managed by Curbside Manager.
  • BOPIS Personal Shopper with Hosted BOPIS Page – Provides the same features as BOPIS Personal Shopper, plus a form that allows the customer to choose the pickup location and preferred time, add special instructions, and include their information like email, mobile number, and vehicle specifics.

The perfect storm for BNPL.

The NRF Holiday 2020 report notes that 74% believe consumers will likely spread out their holiday shopping over several months. Pair that with difficult economic times, and you’ve got the perfect storm for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).

Consumers are attracted to flexible payments because BNPL brings them the convenience of quick access to purchases and gifts, without an immediate financial strain.

For merchants, there’s a lot to like as well:

    • Repeat purchases: Making large purchases more affordable helps drive repeat traffic. 
    • Improved conversion: You can reduce cart abandonment by lessening the blow of high prices. 
    • Higher average order value (AOV): Offering split payments encourages larger basket sizes.
  • Reduced risk: With an installment payment solution like PayBright, businesses get paid upfront and stay protected from fraud and credit risk.

Pivotree has partnered with PayBright to provide the convenience of a bi-weekly or monthly payment option to shoppers this holiday season. The system fully integrates with your e-commerce platform, as well as in-store POS, as a standalone web solution, or Virtual Card.

Shoppers are ready to buy. Make it easy.

Shoppers have shown they are ready to spend – and they are cashing in on convenience. According to Deloitte, “stores and offerings focused on convenience have led the charge [in capturing consumer spending], driving an estimated 67% growth in retail.”

Are you ready to offer convenience this holiday season? Pivotree has equipped some of the biggest brands in e-commerce for peak seasons, and we can help you too. 

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