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SAP Customer Experience Live kicks off on October 10th, promising to teach attendees how to Connect with Purpose to their customers. This will be the first conference focused on the front-end suite of products since C/4HANA was announced by CEO Bill McDermott at SAPPHIRENOW in June. Since the announcement, C/4HANA has made waves as the next generation of front-office solutions – putting customers at the center of their experiences, and providing a single view of the customer from the brand’s point of view.

At Pivotree we’re really excited about these developments – as a longtime partner of SAP and innovator in this space, we’re also looking forward to attending the conference. We’re committed to staying up-to-date on SAP’s cutting-edge enterprise solutions and using them to innovate for our clients.

If you’re attending the conference, take a look at these sessions we’re most excited about. We hope this list will help you in choosing your agenda. If you’re looking for help reaching your SAP Customer Experience goals, make sure to set up a meeting with our team.


Recommended Sessions

Create a True End-to-End Service Experience, from Interaction to Resolution
(Interactive Session, Wednesday 01:30 p.m. – 02:10 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Discover how to engage with your customers and deliver a seamless experience at all stages of the customer journey. Learn how the SAP Service Cloud portfolio can connect your front-end interactions with your back-end operations, giving your customers a true end-to-end service experience, while helping ensure you run more profitably.”

Why we recommend it: Delivering end-to-end customer experiences including service can be a huge challenge in any organization – which is why SAP has created such an innovative component of its C/4HANA suite. Engaging with customers seamlessly through every interaction, from the initial contact and all the way through the post-purchase stage creates advocates for your organization and helps bring in new business. We believe this idea is crucial for businesses looking to create the best customer experiences.

Uncover the Power of Trusted Customer Experiences, from Books to Burgers to Beauty (Panel Discussion, Wednesday 01:45 p.m. – 02:25 p.m.)

SAP Description: “See how Cambridge University Press delivers a rich, connected learning experience by creating a unified login experience for its academic user base. Understand how TGI Fridays is using SAP C/4HANA solutions to deliver personalized experiences to loyalty program members, drive new registrations, and bring next-generation digital intelligence to the casual dining industry. Hear how doTERRA is using trusted customer data to drive amazing customer engagements at a massive scale across channels.”

Why we recommend it: Well… to be honest… TGI Fridays is one of our clients! It is also one of the most innovative companies in the omnichannel commerce space – they are truly interacting with customers across touchpoints, keeping one view of the customer, and delivering great customer experiences. We’re looking forward to this panel discussion to see how they and their peers in the omnichannel space are developing trust with their customers using C/4HANA.

Find Out if Your Commerce Platform Is GDPR Compliant (Presentation, Wednesday 02:20 p.m. – 02:40 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Join this session to learn about the need to continuously review your platform and processes for GDPR compliance gaps. We will present the top-three problem areas responsible for possible compliance gaps and examine how to resolve those problems.”

Why we recommend it: We recommend learning about GDPR in general, but this session seems like a great opportunity for our clients and other companies in similar industries to learn more about what GDPR means in terms of eCommerce. It will also give actionable recommendations for resolving problems, which is beneficial to any company in this space.

Implement SAP Marketing Cloud with the Use of SAP Model Company (Presentation, Wednesday 05:05 p.m. – 05:25 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Learn how SAP Model Company for SAP Marketing Cloud supports companies that want to quickly deploy SAP Best Practices for marketing. Delivered with relevant business content, accelerators, and enablement services, the service helps reduce costs, decrease risks, and accelerate the adoption of your solution. SAP Model Company is based on SAP Best Practices combined with lessons learned from many implementations. Know ahead of time what needs to be decided and delivered for a smooth project.”

Why we recommend it: We believe in the power of integrating C/4HANA across your organizational operations to create one true view of the customer. The power of SAP Marketing combined with SAP Commerce means you can track a customer’s journey from engagement to purchase, and then continue that relationship across further touchpoints. That’s why we think learning about the SAP Marketing Cloud is a great opportunity for Commerce customers.

Extend SAP Commerce Cloud Solutions Using SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory (Master Class, Wednesday 05:15 p.m. – 06:15 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Learn about developing and provisioning microservices for solutions that are part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. See examples of services consumed directly from the front end and services that replace core functionality. Other examples demonstrate UI extensions and the integration of multiple applications.”

Why we recommend it: This is a tech-heavy event for developers interested in getting the most out of microservices + the SAP Commerce Cloud Platform. You will be privy to great info on how to extend your SAP Commerce Cloud solution here and will benefit from expert instruction on the added utility to the platform.

Hear Why GDPR Is a Real Game Changer for customer-obsessed Marketers (Presentation, Wednesday 05:20 p.m. – 05:40 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Customer obsession is a buzzword for marketers. But the GDPR forces us to be serious about it. With the right strategy and with the SAP Marketing Cloud solution, customer obsession can be transformational. Join this session to hear how the GDPR helps prioritize tactics; what role SAP Marketing Cloud plays in digital transformation; and why account-based marketing helps earn the trust of the business.”

Why we recommend it: The types of marketing companies we want to work with should be “customer-obsessed”… that’s why we like SAP’s #thebestrun business philosophy so much. We think this session will be a great opportunity for modern marketers and salespeople alike to understand what future marketing to worldwide audiences will encompass. If you really want to learn how to build trust with customers and succeed in your market, this is a great presentation to attend.

Build a Store and Launch a Mobile-Native and Progressive Web Application with SAP Commerce (Presentation, Wednesday 05:20 p.m. – 05:40 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Watch us build a mobile-native store in 40 minutes. Have products to offer in an e-commerce store? Want to launch a new brand quickly, or use artificial intelligence to create a unique customer experience? Do customers want to engage and purchase from you with one tap on a mobile device? Launch a digital store in days to weeks with SAP Commerce offered as a service: mobile-native and progressive Web application (PWA). Learn about this mobile-first software as a service solution, available now.”

Why we recommend it: Mobile-first is a table-stakes UX best practice for companies building eCommerce sites. We’re excited to see how launching a mobile experience can be done quickly using this SAP Commerce service.

Deliver World-Class Digital Experiences by Combining Three SAP Customer Experience Solutions (Interactive Session, Thursday 01:30 p.m. – 01:50 p.m.)

SAP Description: “To turn site visitors into advocates, put them at the center of your strategy. Learn how to integrate valuable first-party customer data into your marketing and e-commerce solutions to drive relevancy, consistency, and increased conversion rates and net sales using the SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions.”

Why we recommend it: We believe that great customer experiences begin with one view of the customer, which is later used to produce less friction when moving from step to step in the buyer journey from awareness to purchase and to create personalization across every touchpoint. That’s why we think a combo of SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud is a great idea for companies looking for that utility.

Go from Coach to First Class: Don’t Shortchange Your Customers’ IoT Experiences (Presentation, Thursday 01:45 p.m. – 02:05 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Find out how the SAP Customer Data Cloud portfolio helps simplify and refine device registration, infuses Alexa skills with the power of customer data for personalization, and helps you deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive amazing digital experiences.”

Why we recommend it: Our team is always looking for more info on the newest technologies around. With some of our clients already using IoT to deliver great customer experiences, we’re always interested in learning more about those technologies, and how to integrate them better with SAP services.

Get tips for successfully implementing SAP Commerce Cloud (Presentation, Thursday 02:45 p.m. – 03:05 p.m.)

SAP Description: “As commerce projects are becoming larger and more complex, the SAP Customer Experience Expert Services team can help organizations keep projects on track for success. Join this session to gain key insights from our proven best practices.”

Why we recommend it: Our main focus as a company is Commerce. Yes, we also work with other parts of the C/4HANA suite, as well as other Commerce platforms, but we like SAP because their Commerce platform is so advanced. We’re looking forward to the further advancements they plan on making, and this session will be very informative for keeping up to date on the best practices surrounding SAP Commerce implementations.

Deliver In-Store Digitalization for Omnichannel Retailers (Interactive Session, Thursday 02:45 p.m. – 03:25 p.m.)

SAP Description: “In-store digitalization is a hot topic in consumer industries. The ability to empower sales associates to deliver a digital experience in line with customers’ expectations is seen as strategic and a necessary condition to compete in the marketplace with companies such as Amazon. In this presentation, we will discuss what the SAP Customer Experience portfolio is offering for clienteling and the vision for the store of the future.”

Why we recommend it: We’re seeing more in-store digitization in our own clients’ stories and plans, and see it as a key component of an omnichannel retail strategy. Why wouldn’t you have a store experience that integrates with your digital one? It’s just good branding! This session will talk more about how to make this concept a reality, for your brand.

Deliver a Better Experience for Your Customers and Better Conversion for Your Business (Interactive Session, Thursday 03:00 p.m. – 03:40 p.m.)

SAP Description: “Why does personalization matter? Personalization moves the needle on customer experience and therefore drives conversion for your business. Join this session to learn how SAP Commerce Cloud, context-driven services, enable real-time personalization that scales. Get an overview of the capabilities of these new add-on services for the SAP Commerce Cloud solution and the benefits some early customers are already seeing.”

Why we recommend it: Personalization has become such an important topic in Commerce, as buyers (both B2C and B2B) are now expecting 1-on-1 relationships with sellers, but in a “non-creepy” way. SAP’s tools now allow for this capability, but learning how to use them effectively is important. This session should help learn a bit more about the type of personalization modern customers are looking for.