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As one of the first big shopping occasions of the year, Valentine’s Day presents a big opportunity for eCommerce companies to attract online shoppers. Shoppers also tend to have an increased desire to splurge on their loved ones for Valentine’s, whether they are sending flowers, cologne, teddy bears, wine, or any other gift bought online. Most importantly, the gift has to arrive on that special day.

With customers very invested in the delivery of their items, retailers’ systems need to work seamlessly to deliver the right product to the right address and in the right quantity. Big occasions such as these can come with complications: the more sub-brands you operate, the more product ranges you provide, and the more locations you cover, the more that single day can push your systems and operations to the limit.

That is where the right supply chain partner comes in. It is not just about selecting the right systems for you, it’s also about having the right support when you need it and the right integration to make sure that commerce, supply chain, and even data are all working together to provide the best customer and delivery experience.

In the customer experience of the check-out, make a real-time call to get the list of shipping carriers and methods optimized for one or the other above, or perhaps a blend. The set of shipping carriers or methods may change day-to-day based on their supply and demand, so you do not want to be stuck with a static set of options that may be more expensive or not be able to deliver by the promised date.

When it comes to delivery for Valentine’s Day, it is important to take into account that your shoppers need to get their items promptly, with flexible options available for their varying lifestyles. The more options provided that fit the shopper’s needs, the more likely the shopper is to place their order with you – whether that is shipping to their home, to a retail store, to a locker in a third-party location or in-store pick up directly.

Let your shoppers feel the love with a frictionless commerce journey. By prioritizing fulfillment, check-out options and delivery solutions on an emotionally significant day of the year, you stand to create a new group of returning shoppers for future occasions.


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