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Your supply chain is a complex system driven by a large number of variables and stakeholders all interconnected and completely vulnerable to the “butterfly effect.” If you’re a fan of physics or science fiction, you’ll get it! If not, we’re here to explain.

The butterfly effect can plague your supply chain

The theory goes that even the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon jungle can set off a series of connected weather events across continents. 

While your supply chain might not have the same monumental impact as an extreme heat wave, a lack of visibility and control can make your world much less comfortable. Here’s a scenario: You see a boost in demand for a particular product, and the orders start pouring in. That’s great news, right? Not if you don’t have the shipping or inventory muscle to deliver or real-time insight to understand where your pipeline is stuck and how to get things moving. The result – poor customer experience and, perhaps, even a lost customer. What’s happened is that a seemingly minor inventory oversight has led to an exponential loss if you think about it in terms of lifetime customer value.

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Staying on top of your supply chain game means delivering positive customer experiences and this is where Pivotree Control Tower, a new SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) offering, can make its greatest impact. 

Control Tower is a comprehensive platform that empowers companies with real-time visibility, reliable insights, and proactive monitoring for your entire end-to-end commerce ecosystem. 

Here are 10 reasons why your business should consider leveraging Pivotree Control Tower for operational and strategic excellence:

    1. Strategic insights: Data means nothing if it is not interpreted correctly. Control Tower provides information based on your specific KPIs and metrics. It translates raw data into actionable insights and enables businesses to make informed decisions that can significantly drive better business outcomes. The platform provides end-to-end, real-time visibility with user-friendly dashboards and powerful visuals.
    2. Easy integration: Integrate multiple systems with ease to improve interoperability and gain more meaningful insights in the process.
    3. Returns and monitoring: Effectively monitor and manage returns to enhance customer trust and drive cost savings.
    4. Ongoing monitoring: The platform monitors host systems, enterprise applications, infrastructure, networks, and business workflows. This detailed monitoring allows businesses to preemptively identify potential issues and address them before they escalate.
    5. Proactive alerting: The system actively identifies critical issues and alerts relevant stakeholders for timely action. The approach helps prevent disruptive events and ensures smooth operations.
    6. Holistic order insights: With Control Tower, you get a comprehensive view of orders, from creation through shipping. This end-to-end visibility includes a breakdown of order statuses, allowing you to understand and manage pipelines effectively.
    7. Labor management: The platform also lets businesses track employee workloads, which can help identify improvement opportunities, and allocate training where required to optimize productivity. It provides a clear understanding of time spent on task and enables businesses to ensure that the right resources are allocated to your priorities.
    8. Geographical insights: No two geographies are the same. Control Tower lets you better understand the geographical aspects of this ecosystem through heatmaps of customer demographics and distribution, aiding better decision-making and prioritization.
    9. Health monitoring: This macro view of applications (including on-premise, cloud, and SaaS applications) helps you take action to prevent disruptions and ensure that systems are operational and efficient.
    10. Expert advice: Pivotree’s team of supply chain experts guide businesses to effectively integrate Control Tower with their existing systems, ensuring that the platform serves their specific business needs. Your teams also get the required training and guidance to ensure that they’re always making the most of the platform.

Don’t succumb to the supply chain butterfly effect. Get Pivotree Control Tower

Our customers who’ve leveraged this new platform are already seeing the benefits of real-time supply chain visibility and control. As a platform offering a holistic view of your commerce operations, Pivotree Control Tower is imperative for you to thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape. It is a direct path to improving operations, driving business results, and improving strategy to drive better customer experiences. Don’t miss out.  Speak to one of our experts today!

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1. How does Pivotree Control Tower help businesses address supply chain visibility challenges?

Pivotree Control Tower helps businesses address supply chain visibility challenges by providing real-time visibility, reliable insights, and proactive monitoring for the entire end-to-end commerce ecosystem. It offers strategic insights by interpreting raw data into actionable insights based on specific KPIs and metrics. Additionally, Control Tower facilitates easy integration of multiple systems to improve interoperability and gain more meaningful insights.

2. What support does Pivotree offer during and after the implementation of Control Tower?

Pivotree offers support during and after the implementation of Control Tower by providing a team of supply chain experts who guide businesses in effectively integrating the platform with their existing systems. This ensures that Control Tower serves the specific business needs of each company. Moreover, Pivotree provides training and guidance to ensure that teams make the most of the platform.

3. How does Control Tower contribute to driving better business outcomes for companies?

Control Tower contributes to driving better business outcomes for companies by offering strategic insights, easy integration, effective returns and monitoring, ongoing monitoring, proactive alerting, holistic order insights, labor management, geographical insights, and health monitoring. These features enable businesses to make informed decisions, preemptively identify potential issues, optimize productivity, and ensure operational efficiency across various aspects of the supply chain.